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3 Thought Traps Block Love, Success, Happiness-Do This Instead

In 2008, I formed the Tribe of Blondes to unite resilient optimists who believe in great love and do what it takes to get all the love, success, happiness you desire and deserve. How?

Here’s our simple strategy: Stop doing what doesn’t work, and start doing what does.

How do you start the process?

See how to make three simple shifts in your thinking to build the life and relationships you love.

Avoid The Top 3 Thought Traps That Sabotage Love, Success, Happiness. Discover what to do instead:

Thought Trap #1: Thinking Your Past Limits Your Present and Future

You may not have had an ideal childhood with two loving, supportive parents, who nurtured and nourished your body, mind, spirit. You may not have lived in an ideal neighborhood, attended the best schools, lived up to your potential, selected the best friends or a romantic partner who brings our your best. You may think your life resembles the film, Groundhog Day, thinking you’re stuck repeating the same frustrating patterns forever. You may blame your past circumstances for your present predicaments, thinking your past limits your present ability to make your dreams come true. Fortunately, this thinking is a trap you can disconnect.

What to do instead:

Look back on your past circumstances and see them in three new ways:

* Acknowledge your positive growth and accomplishments you have made in the face of adversity and disappointments.

* Learn the love lessons you uncover as the hidden gift inside each challenge or disappointment in your past, so you know what to do differently from now on.

* Let go of blame against anyone or anything that has harmed you or halted your forward progress, which frees you to make your dreams come true, starting right now.

* Invest your energy and live your life in the present moment, by giving thanks for all the love and love lessons that help you become the person you want to be, by believing that all is well and as it should be in each moment, by knowing the best is yet to come, when you consistently do what works from now on.

Thought Trap #2: Thinking Change Must Be Avoided

You may like your life as it is and secretly wish that nothing changes. You may think the worst is yet to come, that hurt or harm lurk ahead, like a monster preparing to pounce in a horror film. You may think the way you’ve been doing things is the way things must be done, even if you’re not getting the results you desire and deserve. Fortunately, this thinking is a trap you can disconnect.

What to do instead:

* Be aware of a universal power law that says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

* Understand that fearing or resisting change is like resisting the birth of your baby during delivery, which only
stalls your progress and steals your joy in creating a new life you’ll love.

* Begin to see change, and even welcome change, as a chance to propel your positive growth.

* Decide to feel your fear or resistance to change, and move forward anyway, by taking positive steps forward each day to create the life and relationships you love.

* Be patient and supportive of yourself and your progress, even when you take two steps forward and one step backwards.

* Celebrate your overall progress as you journey from where you are now to where you want to be, reaching your peak of love, success and happiness you deserve.

Thought Trap #3: Thinking You’ll Give Up When Life Slams You Down

When life slams you down, you may wonder why it’s happening to you. You may not realize that life throws curve balls to everyone, that nobody escapes challenges, setbacks or disappointments in work, relationships, health, happiness. You may think you lack the strength or skills to rise up and bounce back to be better than ever. Fortunately, this thinking is a trap you can disconnect.

What to do instead:

* When life slams you down, your first question is not, “Why me?” It is, “What can I learn from this?”

* Your second question is, “How can I use this new challenge to become the person I want to be?”

* Your third question may be selected from these options:

“What tools do I need to create a win-win solution, stop the pain, heal the heartbreak, forgive a wrongdoer to free myself from the grasp of their hurtful actions, or reinvent myself to create a happier, healthier life filled with love?”

* Your next question is, “When will I find a guide or begin using these tools to bounce back from this setback and create the life and relationships I love?”

* Enter your start date in your date book to hire a guide or begin teaching yourself to use the tools you need to get the results you want.

* Jot down your daily progress, noting new results you see each day as you disconnect from old thought traps and use new tools to build the life and relationships you love.

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