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Brain In Love – How Singles Benefit From The Marriage Effect

Previously in our Brain In Love series, you discovered how to change brain habits of negative thinking and gain many proven health benefits of The Marriage Effect. Are singles destined for dementia and earlier death than couples? Singles get the healthy antidote in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Dr. Sean Sullivan.

Dr. Sean is a Harvard-educated psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. He guides people on Mind Master Journeys world wide.

Hadley: Earlier we explained how telomeres and the biology of the brain in love prolong life and also protect against debilitating memory loss and dementia in aging couples.

This brings up important questions. Are singles destined for dementia and earlier death than married couples? Or can single men and women prolong your life, your mental clarity and gain other health benefits from The Marriage Effect, without being married?

Dr. Sean: I don’t have a direct answer but I have ideas and thoughts around it. Did you know that Hispanics in the United States live an average of two years longer than other cultures.

It’s not known why, and it’s counter-intuitive because Hispanics as a class financially and health-wise get a lot less treatment and have lower average income.

Hadley: May I guess the reason?

Dr. Sean: We’d both be guessing, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hadley: Culturally, Hispanics have close-knit families. It doesn’t have anything to do with money in the bank, but love in your home and bonding between people in your family.

Dr. Sean: That’s my guess, too. When you have a culture that supports a broad social network, then it’s performing the process of reducing the stress and sharing the stress you have inside you. And this increases your lifespan.

It’s difficult to prove, but it’s remarkable that it adds two years on average. This is a significant amount of time.

Hadley: I’d like to help singles get the health benefits of The Marriage Effect, by taking these steps each day:

Be a loving partner to yourself each day.
Fall in love again, with yourself and your daily life.
Celebrate your best qualities.
Give thanks for your challenges, your blessings, and for all the faces of love in your life.
Do more of what you love each day to feel loved and lovable, no matter who is or isn’t sleeping beside you.
Use safe stress-releasing techniques, like deep breathing, daily walks in nature, biofeedback, guided visualizations, listening to music, reaching out to friends and family.

Taking these positive steps each day to feel loved and thankful not only sustains healthy, happy vitality, but it also helps you attract love, like an irresistible love magnet. Why?

Because you attract what you are, not what you want. Because we all want to be around positive, optimistic, resilient, happy people.

I also want to suggest one more tip for everyone, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for love, or recovering from a breakup.

One important question you can ask yourself every day is, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?”

Then do it. It may be going for a walk in nature, or throwing a stone across a pond and letting all your troubles or unforgiveness go. It may be switching to water instead of having one more drink at night.

Whatever it is throughout the day, create a new habit of doing the most loving thing for yourself every day. I think that may extend the length of your telomeres and lead to a long, healthy and happy life. Do you agree, Dr. Sean?

Dr. Sean: Those are great suggestions. You know, our lives take place generally in our heads. That’s why I love those suggestions. If you can provide yourself with love and do the thing that provides you the most love, then you are creating the inner environment that I’m sure, I suspect though I can’t prove it, that you can do the same thing for yourself that a loving partner can do.

Hadley: Good. We’re on the same love wavelength, Dr. Sean, and we’re helping other people get there.

Now let’s help people who are going through a crisis. What if you’re stuck in the claws of stress during a life crisis? How do you break free and regain healthy, happy vitality?

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