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Break Up Survival Guide – 8 Ways To Know If You're Over Your Ex

If you resisted a break up, you also may be resisting your new life without your former partner in it. Before you can start fresh and be free to love again, you need to break emotional bonds with your past love. If you want to know for sure that you are over your ex, then ask yourself 8 questions on this Love Test–

1. Does your ex no longer occupy your thoughts constantly?
2. Have you stopped thinking what could’ve happened or what you could’ve said or done to save your past relationship?
3. Have you stopped getting upset with your ex so that you now remain calm in your dealings with each other?
4. Have you stopped trying to please or doing favors for your ex?
5. Have you stopped talking about your ex with your friends?
6. Have you let go of romantic feelings and stopped having break up sex?
7. Do you no longer feel jealous that your ex is involved with someone new?
8. Do you feel positive about yourself and your future, no matter what your ex thinks or says about you?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to all 8 questions, congratulations!
You’ve done the emotional work necessary to detach emotionally from your former partner.
You’ve broken up with your past love and freed yourself to fall in love again, with yourself and a new love.

What if you answered NO to one or more of these 8 questions?
You now know where you still need to detach, forgive, or wrap up unfinished business with your former mate.
Your resilience and optimism are needed to help you let go of your ex so you are free to reach out for your new life and love.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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