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Break up With Illinois? Internet Marketers Lose Jobs Or Leave Illinois Thanks To Governor Quinn's New Tax

Amazon just broke up with me because I am a sales affiliate who lives in Illinois. For a year, I’ve been inviting people to buy my new novel, Tribe Of Blondes, on amazon.com Today I received a termination email from amazon, stating that they had to fire all Illinois affiliates to avoid collecting a new Illinois tax for online sales when it takes effect on April 15, 2011.

With my amazon pink slip only an hour old, I have many questions about whether this new tax has destroyed the internet marketing business in Illinois.

Will other companies soon follow Amazon’s decision to fire all of its Illinois internet marketers?

Will Governor Quinn’s new tax on online sales made by Illinois residents force us to find a new line of work or leave Illinois to be free to work online?

If other states follow the misguided lead of Illinois, then savvy internet marketers may flock to income tax-free states like Texas, Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Savvy legislators in these states have the discipline and knowledge to balance budgets and live within their means, unlike reckless Illinois legislators who have run up a 90 billion dollar debt.

Instead of cutting wasteful spending, desperate Illinois lawmakers are paying down their debts by instituting new taxes. One new tax may shut down the internet marketing business here.

What are the options for Illinois residents who transform lives with the products and services they sell online?

Lawyers and accountants may have to determine the viability of internet marketing in Illinois. In the meantime, I may delay the launch of my new mentored dating and travel site where elite singles meet–until I find out whether any online business can compete and survive here after the new tax penalty becomes effective on April 15, 2011.

If you want to continue doing business online, it may be time to break up with Illinois before you get a pink slip from every company that refuses to collect Illinois’ new tax on internet sales.

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