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Love Test – Is Knowledge Power Or A Problem In Relationships?

We’ve all heard that knowledge is power, and we equate power with success. Yet that’s highly misleading, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Take a quick Love Test and discover how to transform your knowledge of love into the power to create a red-hot romantic relationship with lasting love.

Love Test:

Do you ever buy books, audios, or videos about love and relationships that become “shelf knowledge” because they remain unopened on your book shelf?

Do you ever study articles, books, audios or videos about love and relationships and still wonder why you’re unsatisfied with your love life?

Do you think you already know everything you need to know about love and relationships, so you blame your relationship troubles on others?

Do you ever advise people how to improve their relationships and yet find yours lacking?

Do you keep doing the same things while expecting different results in your relationships with a mate, date, child, co-worker or client?

Do you ever feel you have too much to learn before you can begin to improve your love life and relationships?

How did you score?

Look at the questions in which you answered YES. This is where your knowledge is a problem when it comes to love and relationships.


The reason is based on fundamental physics. “Power” is defined as the rate at which energy is converted. And our physics 101 lesson defines two forms of energy:

1. Potential Energy – which is the energy stored in a system–like in your mind or body

2. Kinetic Energy – which is energy driven by action

In physics, potential energy doesn’t equate to power; it’s merely POTENTIAL power, like all the unopened books on your shelf or knowledge stored in your mind.

The true and desirable form of power is KINETIC power. The word “kinetic” stems from the Greek word, kinesis, which means motion.
This means true power (kinetic energy) is driven by action or application. So knowledge is only potential power until it’s in motion.

Knowledge is true power only when you take correct action, no matter how imperfect. The correct action may move you one step or a giant leap forward on the path from wherever you are right now to wherever you want to be in your love life and relationships.

What if you go through life buying potential power (knowledge) in courses, books, videos, and yet nothing changes?

Gathering information on love and relationships (or any topic) can lead to a viscous cycle of raised hopes when you learn something new, followed by disappointment if you don’t apply the knowledge by taking new actions. You may keep looking for new sources knowledge, become let down and repeat the cycle. Now that you are aware of this cycle, you can change it simply by taking correct actions to apply your new knowledge.

What if you answered NO to one or more questions on this Love Test?

Each NO answer reveals where you are correctly implementing the physics-based formula for success in life and love.


When you take the Potential Power of Knowledge and apply correct actions, then your knowledge is power that moves you forward on your desired path in life and love.

Is that the secret of relationship success?

Applying the love knowledge you already have is a secret of relationship success. So is gathering new love knowledge if you take new actions to produce new, desired results. When you take correct actions and use the correct success tools, you build even better relationships with your mate or date, co-workers, clients and your companions in life.

And our relationship success toolkit breaks through love blocks, creates a red-hot romantic relationship with lasting love, and builds even better relationships with everyone who matters most to you. It also recruits your perfect match, if you’re single. If you’re ready to power your relationships for greater success and love, find out how I can help you. Schedule your Free Strategy Session by phone at http://ScheduleMyFreeSession.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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