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Circling The Sun by Paula McClain Book Review

Unvarnished portrait of a love triangle among adventurers in 1920s. Circling The Sun Review HappySexyLove.com

Exquisitely written, Paula McLain’s fictionalized portrait
of the boundary-breaking life and loves of Beryl Markham
portrays her resilience and determination to live life her way
in an era when women lacked that option.

If you loved Out of Africa, you’ll love the adventures,
friendships and intrigue that Isak Dinesen left out of her story
about life in Kenya in the 1920’s and beyond.

You’ll see how a man and woman who live by their own rules each
betray their dearest friend to act on physical desires in a
secret “love triangle”. Beryl and Finch didn’t break up
a marriage with children, but their intimacy stole power from
their relationship with Isak Dinesen.

Beryl accomplished more pioneering feats than her friend,
Karen Blixen, pen name Isak Dinesen, but you decide who
had more passion and integrity in their life choices.

Circling The Sun transports you into 1920’s Africa
where you’ll behold an unvarnished, poetic portrait
of loving, betraying and losing friendships, family,
opportunities, a beloved country and eventually life itself.

Creating happy, sexy love that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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