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Which New Film Reveals Secrets of Inspiring Love?

On The Basis of Sex is a seductively misleading film title.  The captivating film reveals success secrets of

a love and marriage built to last:  Unite for a cause greater than one individual–

raising a family and improving our country one issue at a time.

How many American children have witnessed a parental relationship in which their mother

and father express love and respect f9r each other, nurture and inspire each other,

they are present for each other in good times and bad,

and they unite their talents to accomplish more together than they ever could individually?

We wouldn’t have a 50% divorce rate if Americans embraced the relationship success secrets

revealed in On The Basis of Sex.

Although the death of Ruth’s husband isn’t addressed in this film, I feel for Ruth,

having lost her dear husband and muse on June 27, 2010.  Yet Ruth carries on without him.

Ruth’s passion for justice and love of family helps her leap life’s hurdles while recovering

from her recent cancer surgery and bouncing back from grief in adjusting to life without her

husband in it  Witness the transformative power of a marriage and devoted partnership that

shapes a family and a country as you enjoy On The Basis of Sex. 

Creating happy sexy love that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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