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Dating Advice For Men – From A Star Escort With Cowboys 4 Angels

Recently on “Dr. Phil,” the founder of an exclusive escort service for women, Cowboys 4 Angels, revealed that his stable of 35 straight, college-educated men in 7 cities provide women companionship, not sex, for $350 per hour.

The “Cowboys”, who are hired for their gentlemanly manners and GQ model looks, keep 80% of the booking fee for each date, paying 20% to the founder of their escort service. He says he’s their agent, not a pimp, since no sex is involved. That would be against the law.

What is involved on a typical date with an escort?

Dr. Phil showed scenes of one male escort primping to meet a sexy, female CEO in her 30’s at a restaurant for a dinner date. Then she asked him to join her in a hot tub, each wearing swim suits, and give her a massage. They looked like an average happy couple enjoying a romantic date.

Dr. Phil asked what would happen if she fell for her escort.

She said she knows from the start that there can be no emotional connection. She only hires escorts, so she can do exactly what she wants on a date, always ending with a massage to help heal an injury.

“Have you tried physical therapy?” Dr. Phil asked.

“It’s not as much fun,” she replied.

Then Dr. Phil asked a male escort what he’d do if he had to go on a date with an ugly woman, who smelled badly.

“My goal is to make a woman feel good about herself,” the escort said. “Within 15 minutes of meeting me, she’d be smiling, happy, and feeling beautiful. When she feels beautiful, I feel the same way about her.”

This attitude keeps him in demand as an exclusive escort.

Imagine what happens when you adopt this attitude? Imagine what you might do or say to make a woman feel delighted to be in your company. Instead of making your next date all about you, come prepared to say or do something new to make your date feel so good about herself that she is smiling and happy within 15 minutes of meeting you.

It’s not being phony or giving false flattery, because that is an obvious turn off. It’s finding real qualities and making true observations that bring out the best in someone.

Why not give it a try? Change your dating attitude, and then see how this changes the way women respond to you. Let us know what happens.

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