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Dating Advice For Women Who Love Fifty Shades Of Grey

Why are women addicted to this bestselling novel? As I read it, I couldn’t believe how many times the author repeated the same phrases, like, “He rendered me speechless.” When I’m turned off by redundant, clumsy writing, I usually don’t finish reading a book. But I was curious to discover why millions of women are captivated by the dominant-submissive sexual relationship between Ana Steele and Christian Grey. I finished reading the book to see how to apply their love lessons to your love life. If you’re curious, ask yourself a few questions:

Do you see how a talented, 21 year-old college coed could be seduced by the riches and privileges that come with dating a sexy billionaire bachelor six years her senior?
Do you understand why Ana submits to a torturous sexual relationship with Christian, even though he repeatedly says he wants to hurt her and he often warns her not to love him?
Do you desire a man who holds the reins in a sexual relationship?
Do you understand Ana’s change of heart?
What would you do if you were in Ana’s sex scenario with Christian?
How long would you tolerate emotional and sexual torment that rewards you with infinite orgasms and a privileged lifestyle?
If I were your love guide, what would I advise you to do?

As America’s Love Guide, I give you expert advice and exciting love skills of happy couples to help you choose your great love match and reach the peak of pleasure, passion, intimacy and love in a relationship built to last. I help you avoid dating and relationship minefields that shatter your trust, love, happiness, confidence, joy and serenity you deserve.

When you are dating to find love and you meet an intriguing match, I encourage you to have dating conversations about your core values and vision of a happy relationship. I often say that the handwriting is on the wall from the moment you meet, if you choose to read it. I recommend that you heed the clues your date gives you so you can assess your compatibility to create a relationship with lasting love, passionate intimacy and undying devotion.

Now you understand my philosophy for choosing your best match and creating a relationship built to last. Can you imagine my advice when you come to me with Ana Steele’s dating scenario?

What if you tell me you’ve met a gorgeous guy who says he can’t love anyone, who has no desire for a long-term relationship, who says he wants to hurt you like he’s hurt 15 submissive women before you, who asks you to sign a contract agreeing to submit to his emotional and sexual domination and torture along with a non-disclosure statement so you can’t get the help you need?

What’s my advice?

Read the clues and respond in ways that protect your well being.
You can’t change someone who has no desire to change; you only change your reaction to their behavior.
You can choose to love someone who will hurt you, or love you the way you desire and deserve.
What’s the most loving choice you make for yourself in the Fifty Shades Of Grey scenario?

Run away from this guy. Free yourself to meet a compatible love match, who speaks your love language to make sure you feel cherished, appreciated and loved, as you do for him.

After you leave a destructive relationship, you may feel the devastating pain of loss, as Ana did. You heal your broken heart and create the life and relationships you love with my guidance in my book, 911 Breakup Survival – The Fastest, Surest Remedies to Heal Heartbreak and Get All The Love And Happiness You Deserve Now. Stop suffering. Start reading now

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Get the great love, health and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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