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Dating Advice: How Men Find Love With Sexy Women

Can sexy, curvy women find love? Not if you believe Madison Avenue ads which suggest that sexy women should look like skinny, young boys. Guess what? That’s not in most women’s genes. Instead of starving yourself to fit into this misogynistic fantasy, I encourage women of all ages to love your sexy curves that develop naturally with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. To create a happy relationship, be sure to choose a man who wants to find love with a womanly woman.

While I object to Madison Avenue labeling fit and fabulous women with curves as Plus Size Models, I support America’s Top Plus Size model, Whitney Thompson, for starting an online dating site exclusively for curvy women like her.

In that article, Whitney complained that she’d met many single men on other dating sites who were disappointed to see a woman with meat on her bones, so she’d started a dating site for sexy, curvy women and the men who love them.

I agree that this sorting process is a good thing. If a woman starts seeing a man who watches every bite she eats because he wants her to be a size zero, or any smaller size that saps her strength and sex appeal, here’s my dating advice:

Think, “Next,” and quickly move on to meet a match who wants to find love with a healthy, happy woman.

I wish Whitney Thompson much success in launching her new dating site for “Big and Beautiful Women.” If you or your single friends are seeking your great love for a great relationship, I’ll help you choose your perfect match in the dating site I created exclusively for positive, accomplished singles who are seeking great love now.

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve now,

Hadley Finch

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What healthy, happy girl wants to grow up and become a size zero? What sexy, curvy woman wants to be labeled as a plus size model when she’s a healthy, gorgeous size 10 or 12?

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