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Shocking Way To Solve Love Problems and Find Love Now

Want to solve a tough problem with someone you love? Want to end heartbreak, find love fast or revive love with your intimate partner?

Don’t keep reading, unless you are willing to consider a transformational concept that is known only by the elite one to three percent of people alive today, although it was known by great love guides and thought leaders throughout history.

You may be as shocked by this concept as I was when I tell you how I found out about it. If you use it, you may be amazed by how fast it helps you transform your life with love.

What is this life-changing concept?

Before I reveal it, I’ll lay the foundation to help you understand it. Einstein said that we can’t solve problems using the same thinking that created them. Carl Jung said that we never solve our problems, we just learn how to outgrow them.


You grow to great heights when you use a different way of thinking to produce different results. Einstein explained how he and other great thinkers did this when he said, “I only want to think like God thinks.”

The good news is you don’t have to be an Einstein to do this. You start thinking like God thinks as soon as you become aware of a great, astonishing truth that is revealed in three magic words: “I am God.”

In the name of God, women and men had been condemned as heretics, tortured and even burned at the stake by the church because they believed in our personal connection with God

Today no one will be persecuted for believing how your intimate connection with God, your Great I AM, empowers you to achieve great things and experience great love in your daily life.

What’s your gut reaction to this idea? Doubt? Belief? Shock?

If you doubt this, that’s why you may feel like you lack love. You can change this once you recognize your inner source of infinite love and possibilities, once you understand the truth that great thinkers have been telling us throughout history:

God is who you really are.
God is the place of well being from which you came and to which you will return.
God is your inner source of infinite energy and love that is present in each moment.
God is always in the now, so in the present moment you connect with source energy.
In God, all things are possible, so any thoughts that you can’t do or be something are of ego–not of God.
God speaks to you in feelings of joyful passion while you’re doing something you love.
You are God manifested, so you have no limitations, except those you believe in.

What do you believe?

If you’re like me, you were not raised to believe this. I was raised a Catholic and trained to believe that God is out there, so we had to connect with God through a Priest, while he administered the sacraments. We did get a chance to “be one with the divine,” while we swallowed communion wafers and said prayers. As soon as mass ended, we went back to being separated from the infinite source of power and love.

I’d believed that this separation was true until I had a wake-up call that raised my love awareness. It happened while I was in college, soon after my grandmother had died. I’d loved her more than anyone, and I was filled with grief over losing her.

A few nights after her funeral, I woke up in my college room, because I’d felt freezing cold. Then I saw my grandmother sitting there in her rocking chair, smiling at me.

I’d asked her the first question that came to mind. “Is there a God?”

“God is the spirit of perfection inside each of us,” she’d said.

Her news had shocked me, especially because she’d been a devout Catholic and what she’d revealed was a revolutionary concept of God. When I’d stepped out of bed and reached out to hug her, she’d vanished.

Yet through her brief visit, she’d left me with a new awareness of my personal relationship with the divine. She’d demonstrated the universal law that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes forms, even after physical death. She’d launched my spiritual search for even greater awareness of divine love, which I’ve continued for decades.

For many years, I’ve studied ancient and modern wisdom which reinforce what I’d first learned from my grandmother’s spirit: That the spirit of perfection, the infinite source of love and possibility, is inside each of us. That we are God manifested, so we have infinite, limitless power to create the life we love.

Doubt this?

That could be why you feel a painful yearning and keep searching for love. To become open to this truth, you may need wake up calls, like a tragic loss, a serious conflict or an immense challenge to open your eyes. Why?

In times of great loss or challenge, great pain opens the doorway to the spiritual and creative realms. You face the pain to find the path out of it. On that path, you become open to raising your love awareness and thinking like God thinks.

Accept this?

Then you instantly find great love and feel empowered to greatness by tapping into your inner source of infinite love. Now you attract even more love, because you attract more of what you are, not what you want.

Universal laws prove that you get more of what you focus on, and what you think about you bring about. I often say, “Where your attention goes, your affection grows. What you see will be, when you take correct action.” So I suggest you choose your thoughts and actions wisely. Choose to think like God thinks in your daily practice, and tap into your infinite divine power to replace heartbreak with happiness by living a life of kindness, joy, passion, fun and undying love.

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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