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Dating Chemistry Test – Are You Ready To Meet Your Perfect Match?

The great love you are seeking is seeking you. When you are ready to love and be loved, your perfect lover appears. What makes them perfect for you?

Like a love magnet, you attract someone on your love wavelength, which means they are equally ready to love and be loved by you. So how do you get ready to meet your perfect match?

Find out as you choose your answers to this dating chemistry test:

Am I ready to devote time each day to send signals for love and attract a match on my love wavelength?

Have I let go of any limiting belief about myself or my perfect love that could’ve blocked my love signals?

Have I stopped seeing mistakes and started seeing choices with love lessons attached like a bow?

Have I learned the love lessons in prior relationships, so I don’t need to repeat them in a new relationship?

Have I forgiven myself or anyone or anything that may have harmed me, to free my heart to love deeply?

Have I cut emotional ties and thoughts of past lovers to free my heart to love deeply now?

Have I listed the qualities and core values I desire in my perfect match?

Have I strengthened the same qualities and core values in myself to attract someone who shares them?

Have I listed my talents and gifts I bring to a relationship in my dating profile so I attract someone who appreciates and brings out the best in me?

Am I as fit and healthy as I can be by consistently making choices that promote my best health?

Do I love myself as I am now–fears, flaws and all–so I attract unconditional love?

Have I made time and created room in my home for my perfect love to come into my life?

Do I imagine each day how it feels to know and be known, love and be loved by my perfect match?

Do I give thanks each day for all the love in my life, aware that feelings of love and gratitude attract love like a love magnet?

How did you score?

When you can answer a whole-hearted YES to most of these questions, you are ready to meet your perfect match. Look at your NOs so you know where you are right now. How do you get to where you want to be? Simply by doing what it takes to turn each NO into a YES.

Now that you are aware of your love signals you emit on your love wavelength, I encourage you to be aware of someone who catches your eye as you go about your daily routine or you search on a dating site. A friendly smile or a kind word may be the only signals your perfect match needs to recognize you.

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