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Matt Damon's Fated Love Story, Adjustment Bureau – What Will You Give Up For Love?

Many singles wait for destiny to send you a perfect love match. What if you’ve met your perfect match and destiny is doing all it can to keep you two apart?

That’s the premise of Matt Damon’s fated love story, Adjustment Bureau. This film explores the role of free will, spirituality and destiny in your search for true love. The film’s destiny enforcers are a gang of fedora wearing “suits” from the Adjustment Bureau who are assigned by “The Chairman” to enforce The Plan for the life of Matt Damon’s character, David Norris–a senate candidate who’s destined to be President.

The Plan for Damon’s David Norris does not include a relationship with the woman of his dreams, whom he meets in the men’s room at the Waldorf Astoria while he’s rehearsing his concession speech after losing his first Senate race.

Instant chemistry ignites between naughty, barefooted ballerina, Elise (Emily Blunt) and the buttoned-up, newly defeated Senate candidate. Within a few captivating minutes since meeting, Elise inspires David to give his first authentic, improvised speech as he concedes the election. She is chased out of the hotel by security guards before he can get her number.

The destiny enforcers who must prevent this romantic union soon bungle their assignment by allowing David and Elise to meet again by chance on his way to work. Their chemistry still sizzles. This time he gets her number and promises to call. Destiny has other plans.

When David Norris arrives ten minutes early at the office, he catches a glimpse of the destiny enforcers who are recalibrating energy of his co-workers to keep them on Plan. This discovery could sabotage the Plan and the success of the enforcers assigned to paving David’s path to the Presidency.

The destiny enforcers threaten to erase the candidate’s memory if he says a word about what he’s witnessed. They give him incentive to believe them and burn the card with Elise’s number on it to make sure he doesn’t contact her. According to The Plan, David must give up all thoughts of ever seeing Elise again. Why?

David eventually pushes an enforcer to reveal the reason. Elise’s love would fill the void he feels from the tragic loss of his family when he was ten. Her love would kill his career drive and make him give up on The Plan for him to change the world as President.

David’s love also would impact Elise’s life plan, forcing her to give up a stellar career as a dancer only to teach dance to six year olds.

At this point, we all may wonder, What will you give up for love? Which love destiny will you choose? What compromises have you made to be with the one you love? How has it worked out for you? Would you choose the same love destiny again?

In the film’s climax, the destiny enforcers relentlessly pursue the star-crossed couple, forcing them to either decide their own destiny or follow The Plan that The Chairman had designed for them. It’s worth the price of a ticket to discover how destiny can be decided with a kiss.

How does this fated love story apply to your love life?

If you’re single, your love quest isn’t being thwarted by a relentless gang of destiny enforcers. Are you trusting your inner love guide when you meet a potential match? Are your limiting beliefs blocking you from doing whatever it takes to find your true love?

If you’re in a blissfully happy relationship, you’ve chosen your love destiny wisely so carry on. If you’re in a dull or frustrating relationship, you can choose success tools to change your destiny and create a red-hot romance with a lasting love.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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