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Dating Like A Job Interview Tip 1 – Do Research to Land A Relationship You Love

Are you seeking your first relationship? Are you starting fresh after lost love and seeking a new, improved relationship? Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned applicant for a loving relationship, I encourage you to prepare yourself for dating as you would for a job interview by using 4 Dating Success Tips you will discover in this series. The first tip shows you how to do research to land a relationship you’ll love:

Tip 1. Research the Strengths You Bring to a Relationship And Seek In Your Perfect Match

It’s not just about what you want or what your perfect match wants. Creating a perfect match means creating a win-win relationship for each of you. Before you start dating, first do some research into the love skills, knowledge, values and experience that you offer your best match. This self study helps you answer the question–Why will someone want to date me and create a great relationship with me?

To get started on your personal research, jot down a list of 10-15 of your best qualities that you bring to a relationship. Some possibilities to consider:

loving kindness
attentive listener
creative and playful
grateful for blessings and opportunities
being a muse and amusing
resilient and optimistic
finding win-win solutions instead of complaining about challenges
embracing change and growth
enjoying positive passions
financially responsible
emotionally available
healthy libido
speaking with kind-hearted honesty
good baggage handler
healthy, strong, fit and flexible
honoring my partners needs as my own needs
living my dreams
loving my life and feeling excited to share it with someone wonderful.

What other qualities, talents, strengths do you offer a partner? Jot them down now.

In the second phase of personal research, you determine the strengths and qualities that you desire or require in your perfect match. This defines your search criteria. To discover it, do this exercise now:

Jot down which of your strengths and qualities are important for your match to share or appreciate.
List additional or complementary qualities you seek in a partner.
Describe the home environment you want to create and the partner who would be the best fit for you, like a hurricane hunter or a serenity seeker.
Decide if you are willing to relocate for a perfect match or how far you are willing to commute to date.
Decide if you want someone to support you or if you will be equal contributors financially, emotionally, spiritually.
Be clear about the most important qualities your best match will possess, so you recognize them when you meet.
Become more like the partner you seek, since like attracts like.

In Tip 2, you’ll create your personal brand and marketing campaign to recruit your perfect match.

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