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Dating Like A Job Interview Tip 2 – How Your Brand and Marketing Attract A Perfect Love Match

In Dating Success Tip 1, you learned how the job-hunting success skill of doing personal research helps you recruit your perfect match for a great relationship. Now you’ll discover how to use winning branding and marketing strategies to find the perfect match who wants exactly what you have to offer.

Tip 2. Create Your Personal Brand and Marketing Campaign

After you’ve determined your top strengths and those you seek in your love match, you will package this information in ways that help you attract and identify your best love match. There may be many applicants who want to win your heart or the heart of your perfect match. So how do you stand out among the competition? Why should someone choose to love you instead other amazing singles who are vying for consideration?

As you answer these questions you are defining your personal brand–your characteristics and qualities that separate you from the crowd. Once you know your brand, you want potential matches to know it, too. You will reveal this info to your dates to inspire them to get to know you better or move on if you’re not a great match. This is your marketing campaign for dating.

How do you create your marketing campaign?

You can write a quick, catchy commercial about yourself and the partner you seek. Give examples of the love skills, talents or interests that make you unique and irresistible. Reveal a love lesson from a past relationship that will make you a better lover in a new relationship. Explain what makes you feel loved and loveable.

When you reveal these meaningful insights about yourself to your date, you might inspire them to do the same. This helps you sort through mismatches and find a mutual click that may be the start of a great relationship.

In dating success Tip 3, you’ll discover how to meet many singles with the qualities and love skills you seek in your perfect match.

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