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Dating Miracles – Is Too Much Optimism A Roadblock To Love?

As my loyal readers know, I formed the Tribe of Blondes around the resilient, optimistic spirit we need to overcome our toughest challenges, love deeply and create great relationships.

Nobody questions our vital need for resilience. Shot down 8 times you bounce back 9–not that you’ve inviting people to take aim. You develop the confidence and strength to rebound from any challenge, knowing that no one or nothing can keep you down unless you allow it.

Some question the wisdom of unrelenting optimism in dating–suggesting that too much optimism can be dangerous during a search for true love.

So I’d like to recommend a dating success strategy that helps you remain optimistic and realistic during your love quest.

What attitudes and action plans lead you to genuine love?

You feel thankful for all the love in your life and for even more love you know is coming your way. This is how you radiate love and gratitude, which attracts love like a love magnet.

You believe in every fiber of your being that your true love is out there, looking to find you. Remain optimistic that you will meet in perfect timing.

You take actions to prepare yourself for a relationship, like reviving your dreams, revving up your best qualities, recharging your health, leaving your baggage of sad old stories behind you, getting out of debt, making room in your heart and your life for a loving partner.

You take actions to meet your perfect match. Ask people you know to introduce you to their single friends. Join a matchmaking service or a dating site that brings together millions of singles seeking genuine love.

Be realistic about what you bring to a relationship and what you desire from a partner. I recommend that you never ask for more than you are willing to give and you give whole heartedly. What you offer ideally matches what your potential partner offers you, if you seek long-term compatibility in a relationship.

Be realistic about obstacles that interfere with creating a relationship in which you can love and be loved, know and be known with mutual desire and devotion. Avoid entering a relationship with too many obstacles against a joyful, loving partnership.

How do you identify the obstacles during the dating process and choose your best love match?

You can use a winning business strategy to avoid potentially negative outcomes in your personal relationships. Your dating success tool is called the “Strategy Circle” which was developed by strategic coach, Dan Sullivan.

Here’s how you use the Strategy Circle when you meet a potential love match:

First you brainstorm all the OBSTACLES against a joyful, loving relationship with this match.

Looking at obstacles first actually legitimizes looking at the negatives. This is how you avoid the blind optimism of “sticking your head in the sand”.

Keep listing all the obstacles until you have a big list of ten or more.

The next step is to brainstorm strategies for dealing with EACH obstacle.

If you live in different areas of the country, are you willing to move?

If your match has children, are you willing to be a step parent?

If your match doesn’t want children, are you willing to give up being a parent if you enter a relationship with this person?

After you list your strategies, then move on to the results you will see in this relationship.

This is how you build a strong “why” behind the relationship – why should you overcome those obstacles and enter this relationship.

If your why isn’t strong enough, then the relationship isn’t right for you.

If you each feel the strong desire to overcome any obstacle that stands between you and true love, then leap over obstacles and create a great relationship together.

The “Strategy Circle” is an effective dating success tool that you also can use to be even more successful in analyzing issues at work or in any aspect of your life. Ready to give it a try?

Your Relationship Success Journal

Will you use the strategy circle in dating to identify and overcome obstacles to a great relationship? If so, list this success tool in your journal now.

Remember to note your progress each time you use the strategy circle to assess risks and rewards of entering a relationship or finding creative solutions to issues at work.

Your Questions?

If you have a question or comment about using the Strategy Circle to assess the risks and rewards of entering a relationship, please submit it now in the comment box.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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