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Dating Safety Guide Part 1 – How To Avoid Risky Dating Mistakes And Enjoy Your Love Quest

Single men and women will enjoy your search for a perfect love match when you avoid risky dating mistakes that can leave you hassled, broken hearted or worse. Get some dating success skills that support a safe, exciting love quest in highlights of my radio chat with America’s Dating Doc, Shawn David Jackson. Shawn wrote for millions of singles each month on Yahoo! Personals and Match.com’s Happen Magazine, and he earned rave reviews for writing the Dating Survival Guide.

HF: Even an acclaimed dating coach like yourself can learn the hard way which dating mistakes to avoid. Tell us how you became the victim of a runaway bride, Shawn.

SDJ: I was engaged to a lovely woman, a Gospel singer who was offered a contract to perform on tour. When I asked her about the terms of her contract and how her touring schedule would affect our relationship, she left town. She moved to Vegas without telling me. Clearly she wasn’t ready to commit to me, so our marriage never happened.

HF: Fortunately, you discovered her lack of commitment by asking the right questions before you walked down the aisle with her. Many singles are afraid to ask key questions to find out whom you’re dealing with, and that’s why you get hurt by a disreputable date. Tell us how you discovered that one of your clients was on America’s Most Wanted List, and I don’t mean the list of most eligible singles.

SDJ: One of my female clients had married a man who still hung out with disreputable people. I was guiding him to become a responsible husband and father to their new baby, but he wasn’t interested. He quickly abandoned his wife and baby. That’s when a friend told us they saw this man’s photo on America’s Most Wanted. He was running from police, allegedly for committing murder and other serious crimes.

HF: To make sure you don’t get involved with a dangerous criminal or con artist, I encourage single men and women to do a background check and research the real identity of a potential love match before you enter a relationship. What background check service do you recommend for your single clients?

SDJ: I recommend www.criminalsearches.com It gives you a free search for criminal records and alias names. You also can do a paid search for more detailed results to get a true picture of a person before you start a relationship.

HF: We are not here to instill fear in dating singles. We’re helping you avoid serious dating mistakes. When you were a Police Technician, you watched a young woman die because of her dating mistakes. Tell us what happened.

SDJ: She hooked up with a man she didn’t know in a park one night. They had some drinks, and he took her for a ride in his car. Something went wrong that made her try to get out of his moving car. She opened her passenger door and jumped out. Her clothing caught in the door, and the guy kept driving and dragging her down the street.

I went to County hospital, along with the policeman assigned to investigate. We saw her transpire as emergency efforts to save her failed.

HF: Let’s explain how to avoid these dating mistakes.

SDJ: You always follow three dating safety rules:

1. If you don’t know a person, don’t go to a secluded location with them.
2. Maintain your own means of transportation when you meet someone new.
3. Stay away from mind-controlling substances like alcohol and drugs. At a minimum, this keeps you from embarrassing yourself, and it could save your life.

HF: I also recommend this safety protocol when single women and men travel to meet a virtual date who’s contacted you online:

1. Pay your own travel expenses, so you don’t feel beholding to anyone.
2. Stay in your own hotel or lodging, as your safe haven.
3. Meet only in public places until you’ve verified the true identity of your potential match.
4. Give friends or family the contact info. of the person you’re traveling to meet and let them know how you’re doing.

Your dating goal is to make safe choices that support your well being regardless of whether you’ve met someone online or in your daily life.

How can you know if a match is right for you?

Get sure-fire signs to move forward or pull back from a potential match in Part 2 of my interview with America’s Dating Doc, Shawn David Jackson.

Get all the happy, sexy love you desire,

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