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Relationship Success Secrets – How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

We all have an inner truth detector that is 100 percent accurate at all times. It’s time you learn how to read the signs that someone is lying so you don’t get conned by a date, a relationship partner or by anyone in your personal or professional life.

Find out How to Tell if Someone is Lying, in this guest post by the neurologist and psychiatrist who wrote the book, How To Tell If Your Teenager Is Lying and What To Do About It (Hilton). This post was part of Dr. Hirsh’s interview in Bottom Line Books —

By Alan R. Hirsch, MD

Signs someone is lying… he/she leans forward and changes posture or position often. He licks his lips, folds or crosses his arms and blinks less often than usual. He may fidget… take frequent sips of water… smiles more than usual… and laughs at inappropriate times during a conversation. He is likely to close his hands into fists or interlock his fingers… frequently touch his face… scratch or rub his nose… look away… and/or sigh deeply.

Hadley’s comments: Now that you understand some of the signs that someone is lying to you, it is important to look for this telling behavior in your interactions. If you notice it, you also will notice your gut feeling that something doesn’t feel right. This is your inner truth detector, which will protect you from falling for lies, if you trust it and take appropriate action when you recognize these warning signs that someone is lying to you.

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