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Dating VS. Friendship. Would You Sacrifice A Friendship To Date Your Friend's Ex?

Would you sacrifice a close friendship in order to date your friend’s ex? Would you dive into this dating relationship without showing any concern for your friend’s feelings? Or would you ask your friend for permission to date their ex?

As dating singles, we can create our new love story that honors our friendships and our new dating relationships with grace and ease. Find out how you pass this Dating Chemistry Test through an honor code of dating:

What is an honor code of dating?

It is honoring the emotions and expectations of everyone involved in your dating relationship, and acting in ways that support your well being and that of your friend and their ex.

How do you date your friend’s ex with honor?

You ask if they would have any objections or ill feelings if you dated their ex, before you pursue this new dating relationship. You ask for their blessing to date their ex, knowing that you will receive their approval or objections.

What if my friend’s objections are unrealistic?

The feelings and expectations that cause your friend’s objections shall be accepted as reality for right now. These feelings can grow and change in time, depending on the support and understanding given and received by you, your friend and their ex.

How long after a break up do you have dibs on your ex date or mate before your friend can date them?

There is no official timetable for holding dibs on your ex. Detaching from your ex after a break up will take longer at the end of a long marriage than at the end of a brief dating relationship of a few months. It is important for your friend to unbond before they are emotionally free to enter a new relationship. But you have no control of your friend’s pace of personal growth. You simply honor your friend’s feelings during this unbonding phase.

What if your friend says you can’t date their ex and your attraction is too strong to be denied?

You may want to explain this to your friend and find out their feelings before you decide to pursue a relationship with their ex. In our honor code of dating, your goal is to be honest and transparent, to acknowledge your friend’s feelings and expectations, and understand what is at stake if you decide to date their ex.

If you don’t receive your friend’s approval, are you willing to wait until you do receive it? Or will you sacrifice your friendship in order to date your friend’s ex?

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness!

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