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Diet For Great Lovers Part 3 – Recipe That Cured Terminal Lung Cancer

Great lovers love life and do whatever it takes to stay healthy and happy, knowing that health challenges can shorten your life and wreak havoc in your love life. Great lovers don’t believe the myth that your genes or your doctor control your health destiny.

Great lovers take control of your own health and happiness by following diet and nutrition advice that heals or prevents disease. Discover the recipes that cured lung cancer in Part 3 highlights of my radio interview for A Lasting Love with two top experts:

Dr. Mary Ann Block often tells millions of TV viewers how eating right heals depression, ADHD, and even cures terminal illness. Her best-selling books include, No More HDHD, No More Antibiotics, Just Because You’re Depressed Doesn’t Mean You Have Depression, and Today I Will Not Die–the story and diet plan that cured her mother’s terminal lung cancer.

Cherie Calbom introduced the life-saving benefits of Juicing For Life to millions of people in dozens of her best-selling books. She’s a nutrition coach to the stars and to everyone who wants to look and feel like a star.

Hadley: Dr. Mary Ann Block, in your best-selling book, Today I Will Not Die, you explained how your mother reversed terminal lung cancer in four months. Will you reveal the recipe that cured her?

Dr. Mary Ann: The word, Cure, isn’t used in the oncology world. Yet my mother had cured her cancer, because she lived 18 years longer without getting cancer again, until she died at age 92 from a broken hip.

Hadley: Tell us about the nutritional support you prescribed to save your mother’s life after oncologist’s treatments had failed.

Dr. Mary Ann: My mother had terminal, metastatic lung cancer and was given two months to live. She was given chemo and radiation, but the oncologist said that only was expected to add six months to her life. It wouldn’t cure her cancer.

Again, most medical schools teach doctors to prescribe drugs to relieve symptoms without curing disease. Because I wanted to find the cause and cure for disease, I had opted out of that medical system to become an osteopathic physician. I took several courses in biochemistry and nutrition to discover the food and nutritional support we need to prevent or reverse illness.

When oncologists gave my mother no chance to survive her metastatic terminal lung cancer, I checked out every other option. Her cancer was cured when she had nutritional IVs, magnesium injections, lots of oral vitamins and minerals to build up her body. She used visualization and hypnosis as well. With her positive mindset and nutritional support, her lung cancer was literally cured in only four months, and she never got cancer again till she died of an injury 18 years later.

Hadley: She was blessed to have you as a daughter and as a doctor to guide her into nutritional and emotional healing of cancer, since most MDs have no idea about the healing benefits of these therapies.

Dr. Mary Ann: That’s why I wrote the book, Today I Will Not Die, so other people can access this information.

Hadley: You also wrote, No More ADHD, to show us how to end symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder in children. The same program works for adults with ADHD. It can prevent divorces or emotional havoc that result when an ADHD spouse stops paying attention and loses interest in their partner. How do you heal ADHD and relationship conflicts it causes?

Get the healing recipe in Part 4 highlights of our radio conversation for A Lasting Love. Or listen to this episode now, by clicking this link.

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