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Diet For Great Lovers Part 4 – Recipe To Heal ADHD and Troubled Relationships

Thus far in our series, you discovered how great lovers of life support their health and happiness by eating right.
Now you get the recipe not only to heal attention disorders, but also heal troubled ADHD marriages in Part 4 highlights of my radio interview for A Lasting Love with two top experts:

Dr. Mary Ann Block often tells millions of TV viewers how eating right heals depression, ADHD, and even cures terminal illness. Her best-selling books include, No More ADHD, No More Antibiotics, Just Because You’re Depressed Doesn’t Mean You Have Depression, and Today I Will Not Die–the story and diet plan that cured her mother’s terminal lung cancer.

Cherie Calbom introduced the life-saving benefits of Juicing For Life to millions of people in dozens of her best-selling books. She’s a nutrition coach to the stars and to everyone who wants to look and feel like a star.

Hadley: Dr. Mary Ann Block, you revealed how to heal Attention Deficit Disorder in children in your book, No More ADHD. Some families have all of their children on ritalin to control ADHD, because they think it is in the family genes. What’s wrong with that thinking?

Dr. Mary Ann Block: There’s confusion about whether ADHD is genetic. It’s subjective. There’s no objective means of diagnosing it. If you cure the underlying causes of ADHD symptoms, then you don’t need to take ritalin to cover the symptoms.

Hadley: How do you cure underlying causes of ADHD?

Dr.Mary Ann: The number 1 treatment is diet and nutrition. Earlier you’d mentioned how someone can come home from work and lose their temper with people they love. Some physical and emotional abuse can be seen. Sometimes that’s just a diet problem. It can be reactive blood sugar, where they didn’t eat enough protein that day, or they got too many sugars in their diet, so they’re releasing adrenalin. This makes them misbehave, sometimes outrageously. This can be controlled simply by changing your diet.

Hadley: Some people feel mean or unlovable, because they can’t control their temper, their focus or their life. What diet changes correct this?

Dr. Mary Ann: Vitamin B-6 was found to work more effectively than ritalin in controlling ADHD symptoms. Magnesium is called Nature’s Valium, because it has a calming effect that helps you to focus and concentrate. DMAE is another over-the-counter nutrient that helps with behavior, concentration and organization. DHA or essential fatty acids have been studied extensively and found to help with these symptoms.

Hadley: Should we go out and buy these nutrients? Do we need a health care practitioner, or can we get all the guidance we need in your book?

Dr. Mary Ann: I give you 10 steps to improve your child’s behavior without drugs in my book, No More ADHD. It goes through the diet plan and nutritional supplements that can be helpful. If you’re taking prescription drugs, you should not stop them abruptly. You should be taken off any psychiatric medication slowly, under your doctor’s care.

Hadley: Your nutrition program also makes major improvements in adults with attention disorders. This can prevent divorces and heal relationship trouble that results when an ADHD spouse easily blows up or loses interest in their partner. Since there are no negative side effects in eating right, I encourage you to take the ten steps that Dr. Mary Ann recommends in her book. Now Cherie, will you recommend recipes to help people reverse ADHD or depression?

Cherie: In my book, The Juice Lady’s Guide To Juicing For Health, I provide recipes to heal ADHD, ADD, anxiety and depression. I’ve helped people change all those conditions by changing their diet. Dr. Mary Ann had mentioned magnesium, and you get plenty of calming magnesium when you juice greens, like kale, chard, collards and any dark greens. Just add them to a carrot-apple blend, or use a carrot-lemon blend to keep the sugars lower. Add a juiced cucumber to dilute vegetable sugars even more. Add fresh ginger, which is anti-inflamatory, and you’ve made a delicious drink to heal your body and your relationships.

Hadley: How else do you help irritable or out-of-control men, women and children calm down, get along with people and get control of their life?

Cherie: I have a no sugar and a low-sugar program. Here’s what to do if you’re really out of control:
* You cut out sugar entirely.
* You juice greens that are loaded with magnesium, which truly is nature’s valium.
* You get rid of food allergens, like gluten, wheat, dairy, fast food, packaged foods which have dyes.
* You get into eating whole foods.
* You get on an amino acid program to balance your body’s feel-good chemicals.
I give you this information in my books. I also consult with people by phone to guide you to eat the best foods and nutrients to improve your mood and emotional stability and take the strain off relationships.

Hadley: These are exciting, tasty changes you make to transform your health and your relationships. Let’s help couples who are stressed by raising an autistic child, because there’s a staggering increase in autism today. What’s the link between autism and vaccines? Which foods detox vaccine neurotoxins from our bodies?

Get the answers in Part 5 highlights of our radio conversation for A Lasting Love. Or listen to this episode now, by clicking this link.

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Hadley Finch

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