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Does Unprotected Sex Decrease Depression In Women?

I often remind my online community why having an active sex life, which includes several orgasms each week, may add healthy, happy years to your life. Medical researchers have reported for decades that frequent sex leading to orgasm boosts your immune system, burns calories, builds your supply of sex hormones, relieves pain and keeps men and women looking youthful.

New medical research claims that having unprotected sex decreases depression in women. Why?

Because semen is good for you. Sperm is not the only powerful ingredient in semen. It also contains mother nature’s safe antidepressants and sleep aids, which don’t have the harmful side effects of man-made pharmaceuticals.

According to the recent study conducted by the State University of New York and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, human semen contains many safe, feel-good brain chemicals including:

* estrone and oxytocin, which elevate mood
* cortisol, which increases affection
* thyrotropin-releasing hormone, another anti depressant
* melatonin, which induces sleep
* seratonin, another feel-good brain chemical

These New York researchers claim that women who have regular unprotected sex not only are less depressed, but they also perform better on cognitive tests due to human semen’s mind-altering ‘drugs’.

How did they test this hypothesis and reach these findings?

The State University of New York researchers Gallup and Burch, along with the psychologist Steven Platek,
had examined the sex lives, mental and physical health of 293 college females from their Albany campus, by giving them an anonymous questionnaire.

Recent sexual activity without using condoms was what New York researchers used to indirectly measure the seminal plasma circulating in a woman’s body.

Survey participants also completed the Beck Depression Inventory, which is a standard clinical measure of depressive symptoms.

The researchers’ findings reveal that women who engaged in sex and “never” used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than did those who “usually” or “always” used condoms.

What about the non-condom using, sexually-active women they studied?

Researchers claim these college women also showed fewer depressive symptoms than those who totally abstained from sex.

Their findings claim that sexually-active and “promiscuous” heterosexual women who used condoms were just as depressed as those practicing complete abstinence from sex.

The State University Of New York researchers conclude that happiness among sexually-active women appears to be a function of semen’s chemicals pulsing through body.

Isn’t it reckless to ignore the other ingredients that semen introduces into a woman’s body?

The mood-boosting chemicals that women receive in semen can’t counteract the health risks in having unprotected sex, including unwanted pregnancy and exposure to HIV or other sexually-transmitted diseases in contaminated semen.

Did the New York college women surveyed see a need to protect their health and well being from those risks?
Did they experience stress after exposing themselves to these risks during frequent, unprotected sex?
Did they ever feel depressed after being infected and treated for sexually-transmitted diseases that are on the rise in college campuses and cities across America?
Did these college women recognize the different physical and emotional reactions you get from having frequent sex leading to orgasm inside and outside of a committed relationship? Let’s examine those differences.

In previous sex studies since the 1980’s, researchers have measured the mood and health-boosting benefits of having frequent sex leading to orgasm. “Sexual healing” is the popular term for these health and longevity benefits.

How do you experience sexual healing?

Previous studies revealed that you don’t begin to reap these health and longevity benefits until you are having sex at least twice a week in a committed relationship for three years.

It seems unlikely that the college-age women surveyed in the recent study by the State University of New York fit this criteria to experience physical and emotional benefits of sexual healing in an enduring committed relationship. So it seems likely that the New York researchers evaluated the temporary, mood-altering benefits of sexual activity and semen circulating in the bodies of college-age women who had unprotected sex.

How long do these mood-altering benefits last?

Findings from previous sex studies reveal that sexual orgasm sends feel-good brain chemicals into a man and a woman’s body for up to 36 hours after having sex, regardless of whether or not you use condoms. This suggests that happy couples may keep a steady supply of these happy chemicals circulating in their bodies by having sex leading to orgasm at least once every three days.

According to the new research findings from New York, a woman may enjoy a bonus mood boost from semen circulating in her body after having unprotected sex. That’s uplifting news for post-menopausal women who aren’t worried about getting pregnant. Even after childbearing years, exposure to STD’s and HIV continues to be a health risk in having unprotected sex outside of a committed relationship with a monogamous partner.

How do you use this news if you are a single woman who is dating to find love, have children and create a happy family life?

You may not realize that being infected with even a treatable STD during unprotected sex can create scar tissue on your fallopian tubes which can prevent you from getting pregnant whenever you want to have a baby someday. So the choices you make while dating in college and thereafter have a long-term impact on your health and fertility. What choices will you make?

Will you always choose to protect your best health and well being? Or will you choose the health risks and fleeting high you get from having unprotected sex?

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Couples in sexless marriages sexual abstinence can harm your health.

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