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Join The Fun At Steve Harvey's Network TV Show Taping In Chicago

Would you like to be in the audience for a national TV talk show?

Do you want to discover new information that can change your life?

Do you like the comedian, author, film star and TV host, Steve Harvey?

Do you live or work in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs?

Tomorrow, Thursday – August 30th, 2012, “Steve Harvey”– the new talk show filmed in Chicago at NBC-TV studios on Columbus Drive–is looking to fill the audience with men and women who are interested in learning more about credit scores and gaining financial freedom.

Steve Harvey and his panel of financial experts will help the audience figure out ways to maintain and improve their credit scores. None of your personal information will be divulged during this show, unless you volunteer and are chosen to be interviewed.

After that first segment of the show, we will sit back and enjoy the rest of this action packed show, filled with lots of fun and information.

Are you interested in joining the fun and enjoying this taping, at no charge for tickets?

If so, here are your next steps.

First, you should email RJ.Larese@SteveHarveyTV.com with the subject line: Steve Harvey Show Taping.

Then include the following information in your email:

Your Name

Phone Number

Email Address

Location: Your City or Suburb

Your Guest Names and Phone Numbers

Please attach a candid picture of yourself.

The producer will be replying to emails he receives throughout the night to fill the audience for tomorrow’s taping.

So if this sounds like fun, RSVP now, no matter how late it is.

Once you email RJ.Larese@SteveHarveyTV.com ,
you will receive a call back within the hour, giving you all the details you need to attend the show taping in Chicago.

Steve Harvey show needs you on Thursday August 30th from 4:00pm until around 7:30pm. You cannot leave until taping is done.

PLEASE RESPOND WITH INFO ASAP to rj.larese@SteveHarveytv.com
Not only will you enjoy the show, but you also may win great prizes just for showing up.

We are raffling off two iPads and numerous gift cards, for those who stay through the end of our show.

So RSVP right now.

Let’s have fun tomorrow as we attend the Chicago taping of Steve Harvey’s network TV show.

Will I see you there?

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