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Episode 36 – Singles Find Love Online With 2 Love Skills

If you are seeking your best love match on internet dating sites, consider using two keys to success: Create a dating profile that catches the interest of someone on your love wavelength. And develop a Love Plan for a happy relationship. Here’s how to have some fun while you rev up these love skills.

Love Skill # 1. Reveal what you love most in life in your dating profile and in dating conversation

Many singles write a profile filled with things they don’t want in a date or mate. This strategy backfires, because you place your focus and energy on negatives and speak the language of negativity.

A positive person will avoid this negativity and be drawn to a positive person. Why?

Like attracts like. So it’s important to know and reveal what you like and love most, if you want to attract your best match and bring out the best in each other.

When you have some fun writing a profile about what you love to do, to feel, to share, to savor, you will attract a match who loves the same things. These also are ideal topics for conversations with your dates. It’s how you find out if you have compatible views of love, which increases your chances of creating a happy relationship with your best match.

What if you don’t really know what you love most? This could be the reason you’re not in love or doing things you love. Ready to change that?

You can find out what you love by writing your Love List:

* Jot down a list of 25 things you love to do, randomly in no particular order of importance.
* Start each entry with the words, I love…, and then fill in the blank.
* Write quickly without thinking or editing your answers.
* Jumpstart your love thoughts by writing the names of people, pets and places you love most.
* Write what you love doing now or someday, as if nothing stands in your way of doing what you love.
* Write the qualities you love in yourself and in your best love match. Kindness, honesty, playfulness, sensuality, resilience, optimism are some qualities to consider.
* Write your Love List until you run out of ideas, even if you pass 25 or don’t reach that goal.

What do you do with your Love List?

* Take another look at it and choose the top three things you love that you want your best match to know about you. * Mention these things in your dating profile to catch the interest of someone on your love wavelength. How will you hold their interest in a dating relationship?

Love Skill # 2. Do more of what you love each day

If you find yourself thinking of all the reasons you can’t do what you love, this is another block to love. Are you ready to change that?

* Take another look at your Love List and choose the top 3 things you love to do but you aren’t doing enough of now. * Jot down reasons these things are important to you.
* List things that are stopping you from doing these things you love.
* List things you can do to free up your schedule, or adopt a positive outlook, or cut expenses or earn extra money so you have the time, the right attitudes and extra cash to do more of what you love.
* Write a 7-day Love Plan that lists new actions you will take each day to live your dreams of love.
* Take these new actions and create a new habit of doing more of what you love each day.

How do these two love skills help you attract love and create a loving relationship?

Loving thoughts and actions promote love, because you get more of what you focus on. Love is the highest vibration, which is stronger than fear, limiting beliefs or any form of negativity which loses power in the force of love.

Giving out good vibrations of love and positivity is a sure-fire way to get good vibrations in return, whether you’re writing a dating profile or creating harmony in a relationship.

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Dedicated to our dating and relationship happiness,

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