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Episode 63 – Beat Stress Before It Rewires Your Brain And Beats You

Do you ever feel stuck in the “fight or flight” stress response? Find out how feelings of persistent stress over lost love, lost dreams, lost security may rewire your brain, change your behavior and leave you vulnerable to serious illness. Then discover how to use simple tools that beat stress before or even after it rewires your brain.

In this episode you’ll discover how to:

avoid 7 serious health risks of chronic, ongoing stress

identify 4 symptoms of habitual, destructive behavior you want to change

understand ways the brain can break the pattern of uncontrollable habits

choose among 5 simple tools that rewire your brain so you regain peace and harmony

And I’d love to help you get the other tools you need to be even more successful and build better relationships with everyone in your life. You can begin your exciting, life-changing program at http://GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

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