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Suffering from Lost Love? Take 7 Steps Into The Fire Of Love Now

We’ve all been hurt. Some of us have built armor around our heart to make sure we don’t get hurt or fail at love again. The heart armor that guards us against more heartbreak actually blocks us from feeling or finding true love. Would you like to let go of your armor, aka emotional baggage of fear and unforgiveness, and love deeply? If so, continue reading.

How do you melt your heart armor for amore?

I show you how I did it with a little help from my friends in my novel with songs, Tribe Of Blondes. It’s inspired by my real-life journey from lost love to the fire of love after my long, happy marriage ended in divorce. Now I’ll tell you our secret.

Heart armor melts in the Fire Of Love. You can burn in the Fire Of Love when you take these 7 steps now:

1. Fall in love again–with yourself first. With healthy self love you become a love magnet that’s more powerful than your armor of fear and limiting beliefs. Say to yourself, “I am lovable exactly as I am and I will be the love I seek.”

2. Revive your dreams and take action on them every day, even briefly. Say to yourself, “I do what I love and love what I do. And I do it all with love.”

3. Rev up your best qualities so any weakness loses power and meaning. Say to yourself, “I express my inner beauty and I deserve to love and be loved now.”

4. Recharge your health with whole foods, daily walks, pure water, sunshine (or vitamin D3 5000) plus daily doses of laughter, learning and love from family and friends. Say to yourself, “I eat foods and make choices that support my health and happiness now.”

5. Remain resilient and optimistic no matter what your circumstances. Say to yourself, “I am stronger than any challenge and I bounce back with joy that attracts love.”

6. Remember the love, so fear, anger and unforgiveness can’t block you from love. Say to yourself, “I am a force of love and no one can diminish my love power.”

7. Choose relationships that inspire love, growth and well being and let go of the others. Say to yourself, “I choose to be with people who bring out the best in each other and inspire joy, happiness and love.”

Take these 7 steps everyday for a month and you create a new habit of being a love magnet and burning in the fire of love. Now you will attract your perfect love match or revitalize your relationship with healthy self love.

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

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