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Find Love Now Part 2 – What’s The #1 Quality That Attracts Love?

In part 1, you learned why nothing can stop love from finding you. That often happens within 30 days after you develop one quality that everyone finds attractive and take simple steps you’re about to discover in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Kathryn Alice.

Kathryn is a popular relationship and crisis management coach who wrote the book, Love Will Find You. It’s the true antidote to all the strict rules-oriented dating books out there.

Hadley: We agree that everyone gets love, if you really want it. You speed up the process of finding love by tuning up your inner love magnets. An essential love magnet is to believe that your great love is out there waiting to find you. Let’s talk about other proven love magnets we use to attract love now. Which ones did you use to attract your wonderful husband?

Kathryn: You send out a soul call. You simply close your eyes and send out a silent invitation, “Come To Me.” Then you back it up by taking a small, symbolic action that says, “I’m ready.” I bought a card that said, “Forever Is Not Long Enough With You.” I displayed that card and lit a candle beside it often, as an act of faith that my love will come to me. And when he did, I gave him that card on our wedding day. He was touched by it.

Hadley: I suggest you that after you silently invite your great love into your life, you also give thanks for them, as if they’ve already appeared in your life. And feel how wonderful it is to love and be loved, as you start and end each day. Your feelings of love and gratitude attract love like an irresistible love magnet. Simply trust and be thankful they’re on their way to be with you. What other attitudes and actions attract love now?

Kathryn: There is one universal attractant, one characteristic that every man and woman finds attractive. That’s confidence. It’s having a sense of self worth. It’s knowing who you are and walking with that knowledge in your step and in your energy. It’s irresistible. It’s not egotistical braggodocio way, which is fake confidence. It’s real confidence, which is a quiet knowing that you are enough just as you are. You don’t have to plug any holes. You don’t have to lie in your dating profile or conversations to be more than who you are. You know you are enough, and your most attractive attitude is, “Take me or leave me.”

Hadley: You tune up your love magnet each day by using my 5 R’s: Rev up your good qualities, so flaws lose power; Revive your dreams, and take action on them each day; Recharge your health, so you look and feel your best; Remain resilient and optimistic-shot down 7 times you bounce back 8, not that you invite anyone to take aim; Remember the love, so your sad stories fade away. Doing these 5 Rs daily keep your love magnets charged 24/7.

Kathryn: You’re right. These love magnets change everything.

Hadley: Is there one love magnet that not only attracts love, but also keeps things fresh and exciting in a relationship?

Yes. And find out how to work it in Part 3 highlights of my radio interview with Kathryn Alice.

Get all the happy, sexy love you desire,

Hadley Finch

And Kathryn Alice is on the team of experts who help single men and women find love in 12 weeks at FindLoveForNewYearsEve.com Claim 3 FREE videos. Find love now.

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