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Find Love Now Part 3 – Create Lasting Excitement In Your Love Life

Thus far in our series, you’ve charged your inner love magnets to become even more irresistible to your great love. Now, find out which love magnet not only attracts love but creates lasting excitement in a relationship you love in part 3 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Kathryn Alice.

Kathryn is a popular relationship and crisis management coach who wrote the book, Love Will Find You. It’s the true antidote to all the strict rules-oriented dating books out there.

Hadley: Let’s talk about the love magnet that not only attracts love, but also keeps things fresh and exciting with your partner.

Kathryn: I call this love magnet “creating a relationship from heaven.” The best predictor of long-term longevity and happiness is picking the right partner. So never settle. Be willing to say, “NO,” and move on to find a better match, instead of being desperate and settling for the wrong partner.

Desperation repels, which is the opposite of being a love magnet. Use your power of veto without guilt to feel empowered in dating.

Hadley: Making choices based on your own well being and best interests is empowering and attractive. So if something doesn’t feel right, or you’ve got a bad feeling in your gut, trust that. And trust that there is someone even more wonderful waiting to meet you.

Let’s talk about how you chose a great love match and created an exciting life, which includes living in gorgeous resorts with your family for less than the cost of staying home. How do we duplicate that?

Kathryn: If you don’t settle, if you hold out to meet your soul mate, then your life will be more exciting just because you’re together. And you take each other to new, exciting levels. We’ve been together 10 years, yet it feels like two.

Hadley: Did you share a love of travel when you met your husband?

Kathryn: We met on a vacation in Hawaii, but I was with someone else. Later, we met again, while both of us were single. He actually proposed on a flight home from Hawaii. So I guess we each liked to travel. Yet we didn’t decide to live, work and travel abroad until we went on tour for my book, Love Will Find You. We brought our young children with us and saw no reason to return home, because everyone was thriving.

Hadley: How do you educate your children while you travel and live abroad?

Kathryn: We enroll them in International schools for six months at a time. We also are part of home schooling association based in L.A. It’s not attendance-based learning. That’s how celebrities who travel a lot will school their children.

Hadley: How do you and your husband do business while living abroad?

Kathryn: It took us three months to take everything in our business online. So he consults virtually, and I host virtual courses and seminars. We each do what we love and live less expensively than if we stayed home.

Hadley: So you gradually discovered how to design a relationship that makes you feel like newlyweds after 10 years of marriage. That’s incentive to keep working your love magnets in ways we’ve discussed, and keep making choices that create a life you love every day. What if someone isn’t there yet, but they want to be?

Kathryn: Write down your intentions and design a life you love in your mind. As soon as you set an intention, and write it down, it starts happening. Love is trying to come to most people now, if you want it. You’ve kept it at bay through lack of self esteem, lack of faith. As soon as you turn on your love magnets, it doesn’t take long to turn your love life around.

Get all the happy, sexy love you desire,

Hadley Finch

P.S. Kathryn Alice is one of our other experts who help single men and women find love in our 12 week program: FindLoveForNewYearsEve.com Claim 3 free videos to find love now.
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