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First Date Chemistry Test – What Topics Should You Avoid Or Explore on a First Date?

A first date is a chemistry test in which you tally up the pros and cons of the personal updates that you and your date reveal about yourselves and discover if there’s a mutual spark of interest in a second date. Find out what topics are first date breakers and what topics inspire a desire to meet again when you take this First Date Chemistry Test:

1. Baggage Handler versus Baggage Dumper

A. Do you leave your sad old stories at home so you’re free to create exciting new ones?
B. Do you bring up old or ongoing dramas with your ex, your children, your parents or co-workers?

2. Lead With Your Strengths Versus Your Wounds

A. Do you mention accomplishments that made you proud, including your most memorable experiences?
B. Do you describe childhood traumas or unhealed wounds that you’re working through with your shrink?

3. Entertaining Conversation versus Relationship Interview

A. Do you get to know each other by asking fun questions like, “If you could have a fantasy romance with a movie star or character in a novel, who would you choose and why?”
B. Do you use your mental checklist to examine your date’s net worth, relationship and medical history, marriage readiness?

4. Mutual Curiosity versus Monologue

A. Do you inspire a lively sharing of information about what makes each other tick in life and love?
B. Do you love to bare your soul and reveal the naked facts of your life story as if this meeting is all about you?

5. Freedom To Love versus Prisoner Of Past Or Present Duties

A. Have you made room in your life for a relationship while feeling thankful for all the faces of love and friendship in your life?
B. Are you too busy to waste your time with your date if you can’t close a dating deal fast?

How did you score on your First Date Chemistry Test?

If you would like to know why your first dates rarely lead to a second date, you most likely responded to the “B” questions in each chemistry category. This means:

*You may be bonded to your past and unable to freely enjoy the present.
*You may think you’re a great communicator, when you’re actually a talker who doesn’t understand that active listening is an act of love.
*You may think you can close a deal on a first date, yet your closed fist around your date’s neck makes them run.

If you’d like your First Date Chemistry to spark a second date, embrace the “A” topics and tone. This means:

*You already broke up with your past and you’re having a love affair with your present.
*Your dominant feelings are gratitude and love, and your dominant vibration wins more of the same.
*You know how to reveal the best in you and bring out the best in your date.
*You’ve learned the love lessons from old issues, and you’re free to let them go.
*You interact with a light heart on your first date, trusting that any heavy old issues should be tabled for later dates, if you develop emotional intimacy.
*You maintain a joyful spirit of discovery each time you meet a new date. Your spirit is contagious and often inspires a desire to make a second date.

You can use these dating attitudes and action plans to enjoy each first date and choose the potential matches you’d like to get to know better on future dates.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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