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Frustrated By Dater's Block? Turn Your Frustration Into Fascinating First Dates With A Fresh Dating Plan

Are you frustrated by dater’s block and tired of boring, dead-end first dates?  Learn how to free yourself from dater’s block and turn your dating frustration into fascinating dates with a fresh dating plan that will add some fun to your next first date.

How To Be Frustrated By Dater’s Block:

Live in a perpetual state of regret, sadness or unforgiveness and wonder why you don’t attract positive, fabulous dates.

Decide that you will be bored asking the same old questions and telling your same sad stories with every new date.

Paint a perfect self portrait when you meet virtual dates online, knowing you can’t live up to it when you meet face to face.

Present unrealistic Love Tests that no mere mortal could pass, like expecting love at first sight, or no second date.

How To Be Fascinating On First Dates:

Do your private emotional work to free yourself from negativity and feel a joyful acceptance of yourself & your life.  Healthy self love is irresistible.

Leave your sad old stories at the door and feel excitement in learning new stories from your new date.

Ask better questions.  Avoid the predictable, What do you do? Where do you live?  Add a playful spirit of fun as you get to know someone:  What’s your favorite film character and how are you like them?  If you could do one thing over in your last relationship, what would it be?  What’s your most exciting dream you’d like to pursue this year?

Paint a realistic self portrait in your online dating profile of what you bring to a relationship, and post a current photo of you looking your best right now.  Your virtual date will be attracted to the real you, which adds a cozy thrill when you meet your virtual date for your first real date.

Set realistic expectations of each first date. Keep it short–meet for coffee, lunch, a drink after work. Be curious and creative as you find out how your date is handling a break up, being single again, being a single parent, reviving dreams and starting a new life.

Is your date curious about you?  If not, be content that you’ve had a meaningful first meeting without any pressure to meet again.  Is your conversation sparking smiles and a mutual desire to learn more?  That’s a good reason to make a second date and see if you might create fascinating new stories together.

Will you use these success tools to stop being frustrated by daters block and start being fascinating on first dates?

Let us know your progress each time you turn a first date into a fascinating experience and decide if you’d like to meet again.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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