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Will My Top 10 Dating Resolutions For 2009 Help Singles Fulfill Your Dating Dreams?

Do you have some dating habits that you like and some that you would like to change? Are you ready to make some dating resolutions that are real goals instead of vague promises to change?

If you answered, Yes, then you’re in the right mindset to make a list of things you will do to achieve your dating goals as you begin a 12 week quantum leap to love. This is a good time to download and read your free ebook, The 12 Week Year, by clicking the book cover image below this post.

Then write a list of your top dating resolutions to fulfill in the next 12 weeks. Here are some suggestions to inspire your list:

1. Stay confident that my ideal love match is out there hoping to find me
2. Rev up my best qualities so I attract a love match who appreciates and shares these qualities
3. Feel grateful for the love of my friends and family, knowing that gratitude attracts love like a love magnet
3. Devote an hour or more each day: doing searches on dating site, communicating with potential matches by email, phone and video chats and meeting my favorites in a public place
4. Accept each offer from friends who want to introduce me to their single friends
5. Be willing to date younger, older, near or far, unwilling to let age or geography stand in the way of love
6. Be aware of things I like or learn from each date and discover about myself, so dating inspires my personal growth
7. Talk in depth with dates about those qualities I bring to a relationship and those I seek, as a way to help me narrow my search
9. Give a dating friendship time to catch fire into a romance before I say, “Next”
10.Risk letting down my dating armor for amore

What dating resolutions or goals will you add to your list and fulfill in the next 12 weeks?

Will you write down your dating resolutions and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dating dreams this year?

Keep me posted on your progress in the comment box below.

Wishing you a greater love, joy, health and prosperity in 2009!


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