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Got Chemistry? Develop 4 Types Of Dating Chemistry That Create A Lasting Love

In a guest post by Mars-Venus Love Expert, John Gray, you’ll discover four essential stages of dating chemistry that create a foundation for undying passion, intimacy and love. Develop each stage of dating chemistry before you decide to commit.

Four Essential Types Of Dating Chemistry by John Gray PhD:

One is physical, and that’s physical attraction. You’re ready to jump into bed basically. Or you’re turned on, you’re excited, your body is thrilled, there’s a physical chemistry there as an attraction. And the stronger the attraction, the more chemistry there is.

Then you’ve got emotional chemistry, and that’s where you feel you like someone, you enjoy someone, you have fun with them. You’re affectionate with them. Simply put, you like them, and to a certain extent, that like grows into, you love them.

The third type is a mental chemistry, which is you find someone interesting. You’re curious. You’re drawn to them. You might admire them. You might like to get to know how they think or how they feel. You wonder what’s going on inside them. That’s curiosity. That’s another form of chemistry; that you find them interesting.

The fourth chemistry is soul chemistry. And generally the soul chemistry opens up the awareness of your soul connection with somebody after you discover their physical, emotional, mental chemistry. You feel so aligned with someone, it helps to open our hearts fully and experience a kind of unconditional love, which is the soul connecting with that person’s soul. And the feeling you have at that time, is “I want to share my life with this person.”

Because that soul is the eternal part of us, soul chemistry is eternal. So you get the feeling that you want to be with them forever, because it has that unlimited feeling that goes with it. And that’s soul chemistry. You also can have it with someone, but not have any physical chemistry, emotional chemistry, or mental chemistry.

“What you want is to find somebody where you’ve got all four” types of dating chemistry, John Gray recommended.

You can find John Gray online at MarsVenus.com He presented this dating chemistry advice during the Ultimate Soulmate Summit Online, hosted by Arielle Ford, bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret” and Claire Zammit, co-creator of the acclaimed “Calling in ‘The One’” online course.

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