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Greatest Love Story Part 4 – How To Cast A Quantum Love Spell

Thus far in our series on what’s been called the Greatest Love Story ever, you’ve discovered how guidance from the afterlife can help you find love and heal from lost love. Now you’ll find out how to do more of what you love and cast a quantum love spell for undying love in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Jerry Weinstock. He’s been a Hollywood producer, writer and actor whose real-life love story is more mysterious and provocative than the most romantic movies ever made.

HF: You’d reached a crossroads last New Year’s Eve. Tell us how Joy had inspired you to make 2012 the year of love.

JW: I was celebrating New Years Eve at a drumming ceremony, in which you beat a small, Native American drum in a heartbeat rhythm. It’s kind of a hypnotic thing that takes you into a trance state so you’re open for guidance. That’s when I heard Joy ask me a question, “What do you love?” I started saying things I loved with each beat of my drum. I love this. I love that. That’s when I resolved that I would beat the drum for love all year.

I went home at 2am on January 1st, and I started to TWEET what I love. I noticed an extraordinary thing happened. As I was declaring things I love in my life, it felt like I was depositing them in a love bank and getting richer and richer in love. I’ve experienced a great transformation.

HF: So you cast a quantum love spell by asking yourself, what do you love. And then doing more of it every day. This illustrates what spiritual wisdom and quantum physics tells us, that what you focus on expands. I often say, “Where your attention goes your affection grows, so keep your attention on love to attract even more love like a love magnet.

JW: I agree that the more you work your love muscle the more love you magnetize into your life. When I help people find love, I ask them to write down all the things you love. And then write down how often you do these things. When you do them more often, you raise your love-ability. Even if you just declare one thing that you love every day, at the end of the year you will have 365 things you love to add to your love bank and enrich your life with love.

HF: Thanks for sharing your great love story, Jerry, and for giving us a gift book to help us cast a quantum love spell in 30 days or less. How do we download your FREE book?

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