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Greatest Love Story Part 3 – How His Deceased Wife Loved Him Back To Life

Thus far in our series, you’ve discovered how a mysterious murder had launched their great love story, and how it was a match made in heaven that defied death, like the hit film, GHOST. Now you’ll find out how a grief-stricken husband was loved back to life by his late wife in Part 3 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Jerry Weinstock. He’s been a Hollywood producer, writer and actor whose real-life love story is far more mysterious and provocative than the most romantic movies.

HF: During your ten year marriage to Joy, you worked tirelessly to get your mutual stepson released from prison for a murder he didn’t commit. The Court finally overturned his verdict and released Mark Lesik after he’d spent 26 years in prison. Sadly, Joy didn’t live to see his release. How did you handle her death?

JW: After Joy had passed, I started to receive communications from her to heal my devastating grief. I began to write about this in my memoir, Joy Ride-How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life. Three weeks after I finished writing my memoir, a Federal Judge over turned Mark’s conviction and he was released from prison. He came to live with me for several months, while I showed him how to fill a tank of gas by himself, and pay by credit card and use the internet, none of which he could do in prison.

As I mentored Mark, I could see a joyful redemption occur. Out of this tragic murder and miscarriage of justice, two memoirs about communication after death and eternal have emerged, in Joy’s memoir and mine. Mark’s father had become a spirit guide, as did his mother. It’s amazing how this story unfolded.

HF: You’ve told us how Joy guided your journey through heartbreak while you were grieving her death. Did she give you any advice before she died?

JW: Joy had no fear of death, and she even called it, “her graduation.” Before she passed on, she told me that if her death destroys my life, then our love was a poison pill. And she wouldn’t accept that. So she made me swear for her sake, not for mine, that I would be open to a new life and a new love.

This was her gift to me. When I was in the depths of grief, I remembered my promise to her. I searched for any silver lining, any blue sky, because I loved her enough to keep my promise and prove our love wasn’t a poison pill.

HF: When you reached out in your grief, what did you find to heal it?

JW: The first time I heard her voice after she died, she said, “Fill you life with joy.” Easier said than done in the depths of grief. In another communication, Joy encouraged me to be held. So I embarked on my Journey Of 1000 hugs. And whenever friends asked what they could do to help me, I would say, “Hold me.”

I was fortunate to live in Los Angeles where people are more touchy, feely. Many of them, not all, agreed to embrace me. We’d clear the couch and sit down and breathe together for 5 minutes, 10 minutes. And it was profoundly healing, as soon as I got over my reluctance to ask to be held.

HF: Jerry, you heard Joy’s voice ask you to be held, and you took action. You took the risk and asked to be held, and this healed you. I can see you’ve been a filmmaker in how you transformed your grief into a mythical quest for hugs, joy and love.

JW: The grief walk is our journey through the valley of the shadow of death. With great love comes great grief when you lose it. As mortals, we have to accept this.

It’s been 5 years since Joy passed. And I’ve found my new soulmate. Together, we’ve helped form an organization called Compassionate Friends. Through healing touch, we offer comfort to couples who’ve lost children and their intimacy is profoundly affected. This is how people are benefiting from the wisdom that Joy gave me and from what I experienced on my Journey of 1000 hugs.

HF: Tell us about the time you felt Joy love you back to life.

FW: It reminds me of the scene in the film GHOST, in which the Ghost of Patrick Swazie uses the body of a medium, played by Whoopi Goldberg, to kiss his wife played by Demi Moore. I had an experience in which Joy’s spirit used someone as a channel, as a medium. It happened during a massage by a therapist who’d given Joy her final massage of her life. During the massage, I felt Joy’s presence and thought I heard her say, “You’re in my hands.”

I wondered if I were making this up to feel better having Joy near me. After the massage ended, the therapist said, “You won’t believe this, but I saw Joy as an apparition.” She explained that Joy had directed all the movements and used her hands through which to work on me. I was stunned.

HF: Yet this coincided with your experience too, right?

JW: Right. So I wasn’t deluding myself because a third party had verified it. The next morning while I meditated, which was when I often communicated with Joy, I asked her if it was real. She said, “Yes. It was real.” “What should I do?” I asked her. “Don’t do anything,” she said.

HF: You’ve said that Joy had inspired you to make 2012 the year of love. And now you help people cast a quantum love spell for eternal love. How do we start?

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