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Guide For Singles Seeking Love. Learn How To Change Your Destiny And Get Lucky Today

What if you were standing in line at Starbucks near the next great love of your life, yet you kept to yourself and missed the connection? Would you like to change that? You’re about to learn a few simple ways to change your dating destiny by taking advantage of lucky connections today:

Reasons why you miss your chance connections:

When you venture into the real world, you may be absorbed in your thoughts of work or personal demands on your time.

You may feel pressured to be somewhere else, so you don’t pay attention to where you are in this moment.

You don’t bother to notice the people around you because you are focused inward on your insecurities, shyness or other blocks to love.

What to do instead:

Decide that you will see the world with new eyes and engage people with new enthusiasm.

Believe that good things are always waiting to happen, including a good relationship that you desire and deserve.

Be fully present with all of your senses activated whenever you leave your home or office.

Decide that you want to make something wonderful happen on each outing for errands or adventure by noticing the sites, smells, tastes, excitement of a simple trip to the grocery store or a stroll on a busy city street.

Be mentally prepared for a chance encounter by imagining the wonderful qualities you seek in your ideal date or mate and thinking of bold or lively things you might say when you bump into this person. What you see will be!

Make a new goal of being aware of the people around you, and interacting more often. How?
Comment on a sensory experience in the moment.
Make eye contact and linger.
Share the first thought that comes to mind.
Offer a compliment or a smile.
See what feelings arise as you make a chance connection.

Do this everyday to form a new habit. Let yourself be delighted by the positive strides you are taking to jump start your dating destiny every day!

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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