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Guide To Healthy Relationships – What Do Men Really Want From The Women They Love?

What do men really want from the women they love? A recent national poll of men conducted by Glamor Magazine revealed the top 5 qualities that a man wants from the woman in his life. I’ve summarized the findings to give women clues how to best support the man you love.

You might assume that great sex would top a man’s wish list. That may be true for most men, however the focus of this poll is on the emotional and psychological support a man needs from his wife or partner in a committed relationship.

Top 5 Qualities A Man Wants In The Woman He Loves

1. Cover his back and show your support when he takes a risk. He wants you to be his personal cheerleader and make it clear that you’re on the same team.

2. Give him the right to keep secrets. A close friend may tell him about a situation at work or in his life. In keeping his friend’s information confidential, he is showing you how he also will honor private information you reveal to him.

3. Give him a guilt-free boys night out. It takes a lot of self esteem for a woman to show your trust when your man goes out for some fun without you. The goal is to make him glad he’s coming home to you.

4. Be direct and clear when you want him to listen to what you have to say. Men naturally want to fix things. So if you want him to listen to you vent without giving you any advice, be sure to tell him so.

5. Support his freedom to be himself. Go easy on his little acts of rebellion, like keeping the toilet seat up or dropping dirty clothes on the floor. Remember that he was King Of The Jungle before he met you, and he wants to stay that way.

How will men and women use these findings to enhance your intimate relationship?

Talk about this poll with your partner. A woman can ask her man what he would add to this list. A man can ask his woman to list the top 5 things she wants from him. This will start a dialogue that adds emotional depth to your intimate relationship, as you discover the way to fulfill each others’ greatest desires.

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