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Your Love Guide – Do Bees Hold the Secret of Man's Sexual Performance and Healthy Relationships?

Do bees hold the secret of man’s sexual performance and healthy relationships? Learn from a vigorous man in his 70s how the apiarian lifestyle empowers men to maintain their sexuality and loving relationship for a lifetime.

What is an apiarian lifestyle?

An apiary is the place where bees are raised for their honey. Author Royden Brown developed and pursued an apiarian lifestyle that allowed him to live, work and love at full speed every day of his life, until his tragic accidental death by drowning at age 77.

In his book, Bee Hive Product Bible (Avery Publishing Group), Mr. Brown credited his extraordinary health to the six precepts of the apiarian lifestyle he developed:

Precept 1. Daily Sexual Intercourse

This apiarian believed that having sexual intercourse every day, first thing in the morning, is the perfect way for both men and women to start the day relaxed and ready for any problems that may arise.

Brown said healthy men normally wake up with an erection, feeling rested. His chosen life partner also wakes feeling refreshed. They’re each ready for their morning lovemaking ritual that is the perfect stress buster.

With the help of the hormone-charged products of the bee, Brown said there is no reason why this pleasurable regimen should not continue for a lifetime. He claimed his apiarian lifestyle insured it.

Precept 2. Daily Diet of the Healthiest Foods

Apiarians eat only the healthiest organic foods. Because bee pollen offers all of the nutrients necessary for life, Mr. Brown said it may be the only perfect food on earth. Apiarians enjoy products of the beehive with each meal, each and every day.

Precept 3. Weekly Exercise Regimen

Complete apiarians engage in at least one hour of strenuous exercise five days per week. The exercise regimen should bring on a continuous and healthy cleansing sweat for the duration of the session. The minerals lost in sweating are replenished by eating superfoods from bees.

Precept 4. Regular Sleep Patterns

Apiarians enjoy five, six or seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. No food is eaten four hours before bedtime so that the stomach is empty and you can peacefully pass into deep 5th stage slumber, the most healthy and restful sleep of all.

Precept 5. Easily Manage Daily Stress

The apiarian lifestyle helps individuals effortlessly transform daily stress from a destroying force in their lives into a potentiating and building force.

Precept 6. Personal Relationship With A Higher Power

High level apiarians have perfect faith in a higher power, no matter what name it is called.

Bees are viewed as higher beings, because they don’t chase and destroy their food sources. Bees enhance them, because they’re the reproductive tool for the flowering plants that are their very sustenance.

Must apiarians follow all six precepts?

Mr. Brown had advised people to pick and choose. See how easy it would be to slide some of all of them into your life.

How does an apiarian choose bee products to consume at each meal?

Bee pollen is a recommended starter because it is bio diverse reproductive material that enhances sexual functioning, athletic and mental capabilities and strengthens the immune system to stave off disease.

Bee propolis is taken by bees from the sap or immune system of trees and brought into the hive. Eating propolis is like eating the immune system of nature to use within our bodies, according to Brown.

Royal jelly is hormone rich and rejuvenates.

As a food and mild medicinal, honey is a culinary favorite that soothes skin and speeds healing.

What can we learn from the relationship between bees and flowers?

On a sunny day, a bee goes to the source of beauty and color — a flower.
They go inside beauty where it smells good, too.
They rub against the stamen of a flower and all the beauty dust of pollen scatters on bees.
Then they go further back in the flower to a little puddle of nectar, which is taken by the bee and converted into honey — the sweetness of life.

How will you savor beauty with all of your senses and create sweetness in your relationships in your daily routine and throughout your lifetime?

Love deeply and live your dreams now,


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