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Hadley Finch Tells Public Radio How To Find Love Or Revive Romance In Any Relationship

Listen to Hadley Finch being interviewed by Dennis Woo on Public Radio in El Paso, Texas and you’ll discover:

Why Hadley left TV production to be the founder of the Tribe Of Blondes and the go-to-love-guide for singles and couples;

Why a summer fling rarely turns into a long-term relationship;

The golden rule of dating after divorce;

The biggest risk in diving into a new marriage too soon after a breakup;

How to pass Love Tests that lead to love;

The 3 top ingredients in the recipe for a great relationship;

Why the 80-20 guideline helps you choose your best love match;

How a pessimist can learn to bloom in love;

How to get back into the swing of love and choose the best dating site;

Which singles site offers dream travel at dream prices, video chats and a positive group of singles who help you live your dreams now;

How to distinguish between lust and genuine love;

The secret strategy that keeps love alive for a lifetime;

How to overcome a lack of good love role modeling in childhood;

How to cure a common deficiency in a stale relationship;

How to inspire desire in your partner to love you more each day;

Top three mistakes couples make and how to avoid them;

Why nothing is real until you meet a virtual date face-to-face;

What not to wear when you meet a date by video chat;

The mindset that helps you cherish your partner and live happily ever after;

The secret salve that heals a broken heart and frees you to love again;

The secret code that gives you a free membership in our singles travel club +a free online novel with songs, videos + audio book of Hadley reading her novel, Tribe Of Blondes.

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