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Heal Traumatic Stress – Which Dreams and Questions Cure PTSD?

You need not be a combat veteran to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. A tragic loss can cause PTSD. See what dreams and questions reveal a need to heal PTSD in adults and children, as you read in highlights of my interview for A Lasting Love Radio with Dr. Jane Simington.

Dr. Jane teaches trauma recovery intensives through her company, Taking Flight International. She holds a Ph.D. in health sciences, a master’s of nursing and a bachelor’s of psychology. She wrote the books JOURNEY TO THE SACRED: Mending a Fractured Soul and THROUGH SOULS EYES: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise, plus the award-winning films Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain.

Hadley: Tell us about the key questions which reveal if someone needs help to heal PTSD and related soul pain and fractured psyche resulting from an intense trauma.

Dr. Jane: One of the first questions is, “What is your dream life like?” I’m listening for dreams when people talk about finding themselves in a house when they’re searching from room to room to empty room.

Hadley: I had that dream all the time, after my marriage ended tragically. Going from room to room, wondering “Where do I belong?” I’d see some people in a room but they were strangers. It happened over and over, but it stopped several years ago. Does your work heal that?

Dr. Jane: I’m also a dream therapist, because I had incredible dreams while healing my trauma (when my son was killed). The Jungian interpretation of a house is the subconscious. Your soul needs a place to reside when it’s in this dream reality, not when you’re conscious and awake.

The subconscious means the place where your soul or spirit resides when you’re in the third dimension. So to go from room to room, you’re looking for pieces of yourself.

Hadley: You’re looking for where you belong in the world, after you’ve lost love and your dream of a family life and a happy relationship. When you suffer the trauma of lost love, you look for where you actually belong, not just part of your soul.

Dr. Jane: That depends on how you define soul, which can be a big thing. Certainly one of the soul needs is asking, “Where do I belong? Where am I? Where should I be? Where did I leave part of myself? What’s important to me?”

It’s part of looking for those pieces of ourselves that have gone away, and we don’t yet know how to get them back. So a powerful dream that can happen to people who’ve done a lot of healing, they can walk back into that house and it can be beautifully decorated. Or maybe they don’t have the dream again, because there’s no more need for the searching, once the psyche healing is completed.

Hadley: I feel that after all the work I’ve done in the past 13 years, I no longer need that house dream to show me what I was missing. So there is hope, if you’re feeling lost right now. You can get through this.

Dr. Jane: It’s wonderful to understand your dream life, because it’s always trying to give you encouragement and guidance. It’s not just that we’re having flashbacks, but we also get “reward dreams.” That reward dream would be to walk back into that house and see it beautifully decorated.

I also listen for someone’s language that indicates a brokenness. I listen for words, “I feel so lost, so empty.”

Hadley: What other questions reveal a need to heal a traumatic soul disorder?

Jane: I ask people if they say, “ I feel so incomplete, so lost, always searching.” Or I might tell them “I noticed you say those words several times. Do you find that you’re saying it a lot?”

That’s a clue I need to help them go back to the original trauma and reclaim themselves, reclaim that power. Because when parts of ourselves stay behind and get lost in the trauma, we also leave behind gifts. I’ve had people tell me that they haven’t laughed since their spouse died. Nothing’s funny anymore.

So I make an assessment that part of you went away when you lost your spouse, and along with it went a gift. We need to bring back the lost part to bring back the gift of laughter.

Hadley: After a tragic loss, how do you regain that gift of laughter, which is the best medicine and joy in life?

Get that gift in the next highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Dr. Jane Simington.

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