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Heal Traumatic Stress-Release Bad Memories From Your Brain

Combat veterans and victims of a tragic loss can release painful memories and flashbacks of trauma using the proven technique you discover in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Dr. Jane Simington.

Dr. Jane teaches trauma recovery intensives through her company, Taking Flight International. She holds a Ph.D. in health sciences, a master’s of nursing and a bachelor’s of psychology. She wrote the books JOURNEY TO THE SACRED: Mending a Fractured Soul and THROUGH SOULS EYES: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise, plus the award-winning films Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain. She reveals how she transformed her own trauma over lost love, and you can, too.

Hadley: When we think of post traumatic stress disorder, we often think about returning troops, whose injuries and troubling battle memories haunt them long after wartime. The same symptoms can occur after a bad breakup, divorce betrayal or death of a loved one. How do you actually release these memories out of the part of the brain where they are stored?

Dr. Jane: The best way to do that is what we call “releasing flashbacks.” It’s a technique that’s not hard to learn. I’ll describe it as best I can, if you may want to practice it. Most therapists know how to do it. Some are using EMDR, which is changing the programming in the eye. But I do one that combines an energy technique along with a neuro-linguistic programming technique.

A person puts your hand in front of your face and just allows that flashback, which is reliving the experience. It’s seeing the same sight, hearing the same sounds, smelling the same smells.

So you actually relive it. You hold your hand 5-6 inches away from your face. You imagine there’s a TV screen on your hand. When you have a flashback, you place it on that TV screen on your hand. You slowly move your hand back. As you’re moving your hand away, you’re taking away the energy.

You keep saying to yourself, “It’s getting dimmer and dimmer. And duller and duller. And dimmer and dimmer. And duller and duller.” You keep repeating it until your hand is as far back as it can go. Then you drop that hand and say, “I cut that energy.”

Some people only have to do this once or twice or three times, until that flashback is gone. Others need several repeat performances. I’ve had tremendous successes working this with people, and I work internationally. So it’s not a cultural thing. It’s something we all can use effectively, as human beings.

Hadley: That’s an excellent exercise. It fits with the theory that you relive it to release it.

Dr. Jane: Indeed.

Hadley: And you put it out of yourself and put it on the screen to separate it from you. It’s a magnificent exercise you can do at home. Is it okay to do it on your own?

Dr. Jane: You can do it alone. I usually start in my office by holding up my hand, and they put their image on my hand. I don’t let them go home until they learn how to do this themselves, because people can have more than one image that they’re flashing back to, or fragments of it left. But most people, when I do this with them three times in the office, they hardly can see any of it anymore.

Hadley: I encourage people to listen to this episode a few times in a row, because that’s like working with Dr. Jane to get the benefits of repeating this exercise.

What are key questions that reveal if you need to heal from Post Traumatic Soul Disorder?

Get the answers in the next highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Dr. Jane Simington.

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