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Healthy Living – Discover Your Nutrition Type and Best Daily Diet For Peak Health

It’s easier to get the red-hot love life you deserve when you make choices that support your optimal health and happy vitality. True health care reform begins on the farm, in the kitchen, and with your shift in perception to let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Your unique prescription for the best food sources that support your best health is determined by your nutrition type. Each one of us has a unique genetic makeup allowing our bodies to metabolize foods optimally. Understanding which type you are allows you to choose foods that are the most healing and beneficial for your unique metabolism. Your personal nutritional analysis will place you into one of three categories: Protein Type, Carb Type, or Mixed Type.

Why is this so important to discover your nutrition type?

You may think you’re eating right by limiting sugar, avoiding processed foods, choosing organic, pasture raised, wild caught and including lightly cooked or raw foods in your daily menu. Yet you may feel fatigued after eating even the best quality foods, if these foods do not support your nutrition type or if you do not eat foods in the right order.

How do you find out your nutrition type and your best daily diet for peak health?

Take this simple nutrition type test offered at no charge by Dr. Mercola. Then get your ideal eating plan to support your nutrition type as your gift

Get the red-hot love life and healthy vitality you deserve!

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