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How A Road Trip To Awareness Will Change Your Life

You are what you are aware of. When you change your awareness, you change your life. You can test this proven principle and expand your awareness outside of your cocoon of daily life by taking a road trip. And then pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, thoughts and feelings you experience along the way.

Here’s how I did this exercise. As I drove cross country, I jotted down what I was aware of to see how my journey expanded who I AM:

I am a hot-pink sunrise and Chicago skyscrapers in my rear-view mirror, sailing out of town while inbound traffic is stuck.

I am an energetic chocolate lab, testing the limits of the new harness seat belt, getting cozy on the sheep skin rug.

I am the smooth, sexy audio voice of Jeremy Irons reading the eye-opening novel, The Alchemist.

I am an ocean of green crops waving in the breeze and shimmering in the sunshine.

I am a heavy man on a tractor with big rotating blades chopping down orange, yellow and blue wildflowers on the banks of the freeway.

I am the bright blue sky and 98 degree heat soaking up dark flood waters from submerged fields and parking lots in Iowa.

I am the speed and power of my ultimate driving machine, slowing down while approaching a sneaky squad car hiding beside a bridge.

I am sturdy silver robotic arms perched above the freeway, aiming cameras and speed-sensing devices at cars–waiting to be activated so I can be Big Brother who steals the freedom to speed from passing drivers.

I am thin robotic arms that stretch across vast fields of corn in Nebraska, showering crops with swirling water, moving slowly on wheels.

I am Elvis, singing Love Me Tender.

I am a herd of cows grazing in golden pastures, swinging tails like happy metronomes.

I am a massive peak of the Colorado Rockies, with thousands of plump evergreens blanketing my belly.

I am a prop plane, descending for a gentle landing on a narrow runway at the base of the mountains.

I am Pema Chodron’s playful voice, sharing insights about getting unstuck and learning to stay present in each moment of life.

I am a pony-tailed waitress at Jenny’s Diner, wiping away tears, walking toward the Rest Room, nodding when I ask if she’s okay.

I am a noisy motel air conditioner that makes me chilly until my chocolate lab jumps on my bed and snuggles beside me for dream time.

I am a new friend with a kind voice who calls to see where I am on my road trip.

I am the red earth, fiery sunset and purple mountain majesty of the Sangres in Santa Fe, recharging my batteries, lifting my spirits and making me feel at home again.

Want to try this exercise?

You can do this experiment in two ways–notice your focus throughout your daily routine or during a new routine like a road trip. Either way, ask yourself these questions:

What am I aware of in this moment?
When I am one in awareness with someone or something, how do I think, act, feel?
What am I aware of that brings out the best in me? That brings me down?
How will I choose what I am aware of in each moment to change my life?

Remember that you are in control of your awareness. Whenever your awareness doesn’t support your well being and bring out the best in you, that’s a cue to change your channel to change your life.

After you do this exercise, feel free to share your insights in the comment box below.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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