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How to Turn New Resolutions into Results Now

Hadley Finch interviews Raymond Aaron aaron.com happysexylove.com

Hadley: My guest is Raymond Aaron, a world-famous success coach, who sold millions of books by giving people some Chicken Soup For The Soul, and by helping Double Your Income Doing What You Love.

Raymond, I’ve got something I want to know right away. I want instant gratification. But some of us may think that’s a bad thing.
You say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right now.” So Raymond, how do we stop delaying gratification and start achieving our best goals right now?

Raymond: In the very first chapter of Double Your Income Doing What You Love, I teach you how to deposit $1,000 every month into your savings account. And you can even deposit $10,000 a month into your savings account. As hard as it is for you to believe that, I teach that in the first chapter. I guarantee it.

Hadley: Yes. That’s a very clever way. Some people might think it’s a mind game, but it’s really the way you tap into the universal power to propel you toward your goals. It’s amazing and worth downloading the gift book just for that secret at aaron.com

Raymond: Thank you for saying that, Hadley. Also in the first chapter, I will teach you how to go on an exotic, prepaid vacation every month—a one week vacation every month. I do that. I’ve been doing that for many years, and I teach you that in the very first chapter.

I teach you how to write goals in a unique way that no one else in the world does. I patented it. It is so powerful that the goals actually achieve themselves.

In fact, so many of my clients have called me and said that they’re so mystified. They had this unfulfilled goal inside, and they write their goal my way. Then it achieves itself so fast, they don’t even have a word to describe it. I had to make one up. And the word that I made up is “automagically.”

Hadley: That’s perfect. It’s really perfect. A lot of people might not know there is a right way and a wrong way to set and record your goals. You also get that correct strategy when you download your gift book at aaron.com. So there’s another reason to do that now.

Raymond: Right. It’s an entire book with lots of very, very clever ways. I’ve been respected by Robert Kiyosaki, by Jack Canfield, by Mark Victor Hansen, by Les Brown, by some of the most famous people in the world who acknowledged this as the number one most powerful goal attainment book.

You can use it for money, or you can use it for relationships. I use the tools in that book every single month to make sure my marriage gets better and better and better—not to fix something that’s broken, but to make sure it’s great, stays great, and gets better. And my wife loves it. She just totally loves it.

Hadley: Let’s talk about another success tool in the book. Writing love letters is a great way to sustain romance with a beloved partner. But writing your annual love letters also ensures that you do only what you love. How does that process work?

Raymond: You have to write your annual letters backwards. What I mean by that is this:

You write your goals, let’s say at the beginning of the calendar year. The bigger the goal is, the more difficult it is. Like if you earn $100,000 a year, and your goal is that you want to earn $200,000 a year. That sounds heavy. It sounds difficult. “Maybe I won’t achieve it.”

But if you pretend you’re on the last day of the goal year, you’re on December 31st already looking back and congratulating yourself for achieving it, then the bigger the goal is the better.

I write goals backwards. I write goals as if they were in the past tense, as if I’m on the last day of the year, looking back.

Instead of saying my goal is to earn a certain amount of money this year, what I say is, “I’m so grateful that I currently earned this amount of money.”

And the law of attraction immediately gets implemented. Because the reptilian brain, which is your subconscious brain, doesn’t have any ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from untruth.

That’s because when you were a caveman, and there was a rustling noise behind you, you didn’t have time to decide if this is just a friend tricking me, or if this is a sabertooth tiger about to eat me. You had to be able to react immediately.

So the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between that which is true and that which is not, between that which is real and that which is imaginary.

So if you say, “Oh, I’m so grateful that I earned $200,000 this year,” the subconscious mind takes that in and starts implementing.

Hadley: Some people got goofed up on The Secret film by thinking you can just imagine this. The important missing link is that you also have to take the right actions. And you also guide people in your book exactly how to do that.

Raymond: I was one of the forty teachers in the world filmed for the movie, The Secret. And one of the things that I stressed in my contribution, which is maybe why she didn’t put it in the movie, is you can’t just think it, imagine it. You actually have to DO something. That’s probably why she didn’t put my contribution in the movie.

Hadley: Right. They wanted to sell the fantasy at first.

Raymond: That’s right. So I know how to actually get it into action, and that’s what I do. And you can have a copy at aaron.com.

Just go there, hit the button, download the entire book. Read it and enjoy it. No strings attached. I’d love to give it to you.

Hadley: I encourage you to take advantage of this gift book download now at aaron.com Then implement your favorite success tools that build the life, income and relationships you love now.

Creating happy, sexy love, health and wealth that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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