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If Half of American Singles Have Given Up on Love, Will Robots Be The Sex Partners Of The Future?

A staggering 55% of American singles report no desire to change their relationship status, according to research data reported by Psychology Today in 2006. Half of today’s singles under 30 are prioritizing their career over finding a relationship.

Singles of all ages are giving up on love and relationships, while embracing their freedom to pursue creative passions and rely on a network of close friends for emotional support.

If humans are wired to love and be loved, could this profound need ever be satisfied by a robot? You’re about to find out why a professor of gender studies believes robots may be the sex partners of the future. And learn how to avoid that fate.

In his book, Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relations, author and academic, David Levy contends that hooking up with an robo-femme-fatale or a studly sexbot will become an accepted part of the human landscape.

“Think of it: great sex on tap, 24/7,” Levy says in a 2008 COSMOS article.

I learned it’s not a sci-fi scenario, because some people already have met their humanoid match.

COSMOS revealed that in November 2007, researchers at Waseda University in Japan unveiled a robot, named Twendy-One, that can cook, talk, obey verbal commands, and use its soft silicon-wrapped hands – each equipped with 241 pressure sensors – to interact with humans.

A Japanese Company, Axis, has produced the world’s first, rudimentary sexbot for men. Called Honeydolls, the life-size figures are made from surgical-grade silicone and resin, and are equipped with customizable mp3 audio files that can be recorded for a personal touch. Your Honeydoll isn’t cheap. Her retail value is $7,000 US.

Professor Levy thinks that women may become more attracted to a sexbot than men, pointing to a worldwide surge in the sale of vibrators. He also thinks people may fall in love with their sexbots.

Whoa. We know that a brain chemical, oxytocin, bonds a woman to her lover. Will it also bond a woman to her vibrator or sexbot? I hope not. But it will give academics like Levy another hot topic to research.

Will you embrace a future where humanoids provide carnal satisfaction along with pre-programmed pillow talk? Or do you feel the concept is soulless and well, dehumanizing? How will this affect your dating goals and relationship desires?

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