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Inspired Dating Guide – Learn 7 Ways To Think Like A Savvy Dater And Attract Love Now

Are you stuck in an unfulfilled dating life? Ready to get unstuck? Learn 7 ways to think like a savvy dater and attract someone on your new love wavelength.

How does a savvy dater think?

The opposite of a stuck dater.

A stuck dater observes a couple tenderly holding each others gaze as if no one else existed and thinks they’ve got better luck in love. At this point, their thinking stirs up all the reasons why they’re not in love and may never be in love, or they leap to a less painful thought topic.

A savvy dater sees the same couple and thinks, “I’d like this kind of connection in my next relationship. How do I make it happen now?

The savvy dater would continue to ask themselves questions like:

How do I meet someone fabulous who only has eyes for me?
If I haven’t met them in my neighborhood or at work, how do I expand my dating horizons?
Why should I keep asking friends and family if they have a fabulous single friend for me to meet?
What are my other options?
Do I join a service that introduces me to successful singles?
What about those online dating sites that are matching great couples around the world?
What are the risks to avoid?
What are the secrets of online dating success?
What investment do I need to make in time and money?
What’s the best service to help me find the great love of my life now?
I’m ready for a new dating plan today.

This kind of active, directed thinking is what separates savvy daters from stuck daters.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time, energy or money for a new dating plan or dating service. The best way to meet someone is by chance, the way my parents and their parents met.”

Thinking in old ways and relying on destiny to deliver your ideal date are two big reasons you remain stuck.

Luckily, limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck are not cemented in your DNA, so anyone who has the desire can learn to think and act like a savvy dater.

You can transform your dating life by making 7 simple shifts in your thinking:

1. A stuck dater relies on outdated ideas. They are afraid to appear foolish or bold by trying something new.
A savvy dater keeps a beginners mind and is willing and eager to learn new skills and achieve new results.

2. A stuck dater tends to be a dreamer who doesn’t take the actions needed to realize their dreams.
A savvy dater deals with reality, always evaluating their own love lessons to see what can be learned and improved.

3. A stuck dater sees negatives in everyone and thinks of all the reasons they can’t find their ideal love match.
A savvy dater sees strengths and potential in people and the dating process.

4. A stuck dater resists change. A savvy dater expects and embraces it.

5. A stuck dater is resigned to things the way they are – no matter how bad. A savvy dater always sees ways to make things better – even good things.

6. A stuck dater reacts like a ball in bumper pool. A savvy dater is proactive and plans each shot in the game.

7. A stuck dater looks at happy couples and thinks that they’ll never get that lucky. A savvy dater thinks, “What’s that couple’s secret? How can I duplicate that?”

Each time you think like a savvy dater, you will attract someone on the same thought wavelength who just might be the great love of your life.

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