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Internet Dating Advice From Google Adwords? Singles Seeking Relationships In Online Dating Sites Must Implement These 4 Marketing Tips

Think of dating as marketing your best self to attract your best match. Now get the best marketing advice to help you achieve your dating goals. I studied Google’s marketing tips to advertisers seeking buyers to help me develop this marketing strategy for creating your best profile.

4 marketing tips to create an online dating profile that attracts your ideal date:

1. Choose words to describe your actual qualities to attract a match who wants what you have to offer

When choosing words to describe yourself, think like your ideal match.

What terms would your match use to describe your best qualities, special talents, favorite hobbies?

What keywords would they search for on the online dating site if they wanted to find what you have to offer?

I suggest you take a personal inventory of your best qualities and choose to mention those that are most important for your match to value and possess. The goal is to choose the right words to describe yourself in order to attract your ideal match with those qualities.

2. Be specific about yourself and the match you seek

You may say you’re a pilot. What type of pilot?

Are you seeking a match who’s free to travel the world with you? Or a match who is supportive when your work takes you away?

Be specific about what you seek and offer, so that you attract the right match.

What if you’re another type of pilot seeking another type of match?

You may say, Glider pilot seeks co-pilot for lofty adventures in a LTR.

This detailed description will eliminate potential matches who don’t share your spirit of adventure or interest in gliders. That’s a good thing. You save time and energy by not wading through mismatches. You may receive fewer responses, but the ones you receive are drawn to what you have to offer.

3. Experiment with your dating profile

What if you don’t get the response you desire from your dating profile?

Tweak your message or try a new approach. It’s important that you experiment with different messages and emphasize different benefits you bring to a relationship until you create the dating profile that gets the results you desire.

4. Update Your Photo

That’s not a tip from Google. It pertains to online dating sites where photos create your first impressions and make the difference between getting the click or being passed by. Here’s why:

When you do a keyword search for your ideal match in an online dating site, you may instantly receive a photo catalog of potential matches, with up to 16 photos appearing on your computer screen per page.

It’s important that your photo catches someone’s eye and makes them want to click and read your dating profile.

This means your well-written dating profile won’t be read without a great photo.

How’s your photo in your dating profile?

Do you look your best?

Is your photo less than a year old? If not, get a new photo taken.

Remember, you want to attract someone who’s drawn to the way you look right now.

Present yourself in the best lighting and wear your favorite color so that your photo stands out in search results with other potential matches vying for the click on each page.

Do you need a new photo? What if you don’t have an advertising budget for one?

Some photography studios like Picture People don’t charge a sitting fee. You can buy one pose that you like best and post it on a dating site.

How do you pose for a photo?

Look into the camera lens and imagine your ideal match is looking back at you. That’s what may happen when you follow these four marketing tips to create a dating profile that your ideal match will find irresistible.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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