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A Love Quest Starts with Rebirth. Ready For New Life And Love?

Does your love life need a bailout in these tough times?  Would you like to start a new life without the inconvenience of dying?  If you’re game, you’ve got the right mindset to get a head start on a rebirth that launches a Love Quest.

Some rebirths are more dramatic than others.  Consider this popular ceremony in Thailand:

A Thai Temple in Nakhon,Nayok, about 66 miles northeast of Bangkok, offers daily rebirth services.  According to a September, 2008 New York Times article by Seth Mydans, up to 700 Thai people each day pay 180 baht each (about $5 U.S.) to participate in this ceremony in the grand hall of the Wat Prommanee temple.

In an assembly line of renewal, people take their turns climbing into 9 pink coffins for a few moments, as they follow monks’ commands:  Lie down on your back, eyes closed, hands folded, shrouds on.  The monks chant for them to be cleansed and reborn. Then shrouds off, up on your feet, quick prayer and scramble out into a new life.

The whole process takes 90 seconds.  The next group of nine is waiting in line for their turn.  A cardboard sign warns visitors not to stand behind the coffins, where bad karma that is sucked from “dying” devotees may still be hovering.  Many Thais say the true spirit of Buddhism is lost in this ceremony and is replaced by the entrepreneurial spirit of monks conducting these rebirths.

A philosophy professor from a Bangkok university, Suwannan Sathta-Anand, says that in these tough times Thai people are creating new kinds of rituals to suit their purposes.

What are some reasons Thai people come to be reborn?  A lawyer said he’d already changed his name and  he completed his transformation when he arose from the coffin, born again.  An engineer said he wanted to rid himself of physical ailments in his rebirth. The entire Royal Thai Army soccer team, in bright red jerseys, took their turns lying down in the coffins one afternoon before they went to soccer practice.  When a 22 year old soccer player was asked what he hoped his rebirth would bring him, he said, “We just want to win tomorrow.”

Would you be open to a rebirth if it helps you win in your quest for love? If your current thoughts, actions, habits are blocking you from a fulfilling love life, would you be willing to let go of them and take a new step toward love?

In our online community, we call this a dating miracle.  When we gather for Our Pow Wow, we explore steps you can take to stay on A Course In Dating Miracles, whether you’re seeking new love or sparking up an existing relationship.

Let’s continue exploring a big step: launching a Love Quest.   The next method may seem tame, compared to traveling to Thailand and climbing into a pink coffin to experience rebirth.  This method can be used in the safety of your own home.  It involves a cast of mountain gods who throw out challenges to be faced on each step of a Love Quest.  It includes Mountain Men, Mountain Women, Pioneers, Settlers, and a Tribe Of Blondes.  Not a haircolor, it’s a kind-hearted, enthusiastic spirit that fuels the adventures in loving and living your dreams.

This Love Quest reveals a treasure map of tips and tools you can use to get ready for new life and love, if you keep an open mind and heart.  You’ll learn how to let go of lost love and reach out for new love.  You’ll discover techniques to release your fears and limiting beliefs, to revive your dreams, and attract love online, offline, around the world or in your own neighborhood.  It gives you social proof why there is no reason for you to be alone, unless you want to be.  Would you like to gain access to a treasure map that may improve your love life?

It’s all yours when you read TRIBE OF BLONDES, an entertaining online novel with real tips and techniques you can use to start a new life and create or improve a relationship.  I invite you to claim your free chapter at the end of this post.

I’d also like to hear your candid comments and stories about rebirth or your own quest for love.  Type in your comments in the box below this post so we can start a dialogue about these life-changing issues.

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