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Love Miracle Minute – How To End Doubt and Build Trust In Relationships

Hadley’s introduction: Doubt can destroy relationships and sabotage opportunities to achieve even greater success, love and happiness. You will discover how to avoid a relationship minefield that causes breakups when you end doubt and build trust in relationships by taking the action steps suggested here:

Guest Post Written by Alia Haley

Trust: A key to healthy and happy married life
Trust is the foundation on which all solid relationships are based. A lack of trust causes relationships to break apart. You can avoid that fate when you follow these tips to end doubt and other emotions that break down relationships and take new actions that build trust.

Doubt: It often happens that you start doubting your partner on some issue where there is no need for it or because you are in a bad state of mind. At that time, shake yourself up and start looking for positives. Think of all the reasons you can trust your spouse. Then ask yourself whether he/she is worthy of your trust? If your answer is NO, then choose a quiet moment to express your concern and calmly discuss this issue with your partner.

Over-possessiveness: You can get so involved in a relationship that you start thinking that you own the person, that he/she is your property. It’s not a good strategy to be possessive. It’s smarter to trust that your spouse knows how important you are in his/her life. And the more you let him/her be free, the more willing they are to behave in ways that build trust.

Jealousy: Your spouse is talking to someone of the opposite sex and you tend to peep in the conversation. Curiosity grabs hold of you. Stop right there. If your spouse were more interested in someone else than he/she is in you, your marriage wouldn’t have taken place. To ease jealousy, focus on how much you trust your partner, who will be going home with you.

Parental issues: If you have gone through a childhood in which your parents didn’t trust each other and they separated due to lack of trust, don’t let that happen to you. Remember that you don’t have to repeat that pattern of behavior with your spouse. Work on it. Change the way your mind works. Develop good mental habits and choose thoughts that build trust.

Visualize: I know Hadley Finch often says, “What you think about, you bring about. What you see, will be.” So it’s important to visualize yourself with your partner in a relationship filled with trust to bring about more trust. Remember times when he/she gave you plenty of reasons for you to trust them. Stay focused on how much you believe in each other and bring out the best in each other. Choosing these positive thoughts builds positive feelings of trust in your relationship.

Communicate: In any relationship, lack of trust often develops because of a failure in communication. So talk with your partner. Calmly tell him/her about your worries and where you feel insecure. Suggest an action they could do instead to help you feel more secure and loved. Again, Hadley Finch often says, “Where your focus goes, your affection grows.” That’s why she encourages you to focus your attention on solutions you’ll love instead of problems so you bring about solutions that promote trust and love.

Honesty: Be truthful; never lie to your relationship partner. That is where the breaking of trust starts. I know that Hadley Finch often encourages you to speak with “kind-hearted honesty,” by expressing your truth in ways that won’t hurt your partner or yourself. This is how you can be sincere and show respect for your partner and yourself. This also builds trust in your relationship and allows love to grow and bloom.

Life is wonderful when your heart is full of love and trust. Chronic lack of trust is considered a mental illness by some psychologists. You can stay emotionally healthy and happy when you choose thoughts and actions that end doubt and build trust with your partner. “This is how you create a “Love Miracle” in a dating or long-term relationship,” says Hadley Finch.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of watches. She has a huge collection of DKNY Watches. These days she is busy in writing articles on Missoni Scarf and low cholesterol diet.

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