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Love Quest – A Magic Text Message Rekindles Romance

I often advise dating singles and committed couples to avoid texting your romantic partner, except to update logistics of time or place you plan to meet. Why?

Because text messages often are misinterpreted by the recipient, who paints their own meaning on what is or isn’t being said in a written text. When the recipient’s interpretation is vastly different from what the sender intended, texting causes communication confusion and challenges that can be a relationship minefield.

You can avoid texting confusion and use this technology to wake up feelings of romance in your partner, even if you’ve let duties, deadlines, kids and careers douse your romantic desire. How?

Send your beloved partner the same text message that texting coach, Michael Fiore, told TV’s Rachel Raye and made her studio audience swoon.

What’s the magic text message?

Imagine how good it’s going to feel when I wrap my arms around you tonight.

Think that’s a cheesy text? Let’s remove this barrier to romance and explore why this text produces magical results.

The word, IMAGINE, instantly engages the reader and makes it irresistible for them to see what you’re about to suggest. Then you describe the sensual delight you’ve got in mind to build anticipation, which enhances your experience of it and makes the whole day feel like foreplay. Be sure to behave congruently to the promise you made in this text when you see your beloved partner. This magic text is yet another tool in your love toolkit that helps you–

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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