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Love Quest – Which Success Strategy Reduces Stress and Increases Health and Happiness?

You’re about to discover one simple shift in your lifestyle that reduces stress, relieves pain, helps you recover more quickly from illness or injury and even helps you fight off infections to stay healthy. What is this simple shift?

You can join social groups to cope better with stressful challenges and rebound more quickly from setbacks in life and love. Belonging to multiple groups like a network of friends, family, a club, a tribe or an athletic or business team improves your mental and physical health. The more groups you join, the greater positive benefits you gain.

These findings were published in Social Psychological and Personality Science report. It was based on a study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia. Researchers found that soldiers in training who faced extremely stressful obstacles fared better when they belonged to social groups.

Researchers also studied college students and found they could withstand pain and stress better when they thought about their support groups. Those who thought about their membership in many groups could cope better with physical pain.

How can this news support your love quest?

Whether you’re seeking to improve your intimate relationship or seeking your perfect love match, you will enjoy your love quest even more by consciously building bridges instead of walls and by connecting with people in every aspect of your life. Merely thinking about your chosen tribes can decrease stress and pain and increase health and happiness. So I encourage you to reach out and join social and support networks today.

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